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1/13/2012 c1 72Azalee
Just figured I should mention (as it seems I never did) that once or twice a year or so, I get the urge to come back to your profile and reread half of your Everworld fics - leaving the rest for the next time. Or tackling your lj account. Then realizing you also wrote for fandoms that I've gotten into since the last time I read some of your stuff.

So, this is a general review, I guess: you write marvelously, you're as good at heartwrenching angst as at laugh-out-loud cracky humor. I never tire of your writing over the years, even though some of your best crafted sentences stick to my memory even months later. Hat off to you, o awesome person. (smallvoice)?thatwouldmakemyLIFE(/smallvoice)

11/25/2007 c1 13DerangedxandxSarcastic
aw...! that's all...

12/9/2005 c1 66Eded
"but Christopher tries not to trip over the books piled in the room"

UNFAIR. That's too sweet. Now I'm going to sit and gurgle in a sappy daze.
12/6/2005 c1 5visuallyincoherent
I love the last line. 'and Christopher finds love to be like waking up.' wonderful analogy, and a perfect ending.

I love the way you describe their love, simple, conclede. deliciously done, with the subtle details, just beautiful job, all together.

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