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11/13/2006 c18 9Nade-Naberrie
*wails* Poor Elphie! She finally gets free of Yackle, melts the true wicked witch, ultimately comes out the victor... and oh, by the way, your best friend is dead. It's utterly tragic! *sniffles*

Wonderfully written, though, as always. You're breaking my heart!
11/13/2006 c18 The Phantom's Muse
YAYY! You updated! I couldn't be happier!

YAYY! Yackle's dead! Thank goodness!

*sniff* I still can't believe that Glinda- our Glinda- is dead. *cries* Poor Elphaba. First Fiyero, now Glinda. Ok, Erin is going to huddle in a corner and cry now.

Anyway, please update A.S.A.P.! Course, I'm going to be so sad when it's complete.
9/17/2006 c17 8NewYorks
wow, i saw that one coming. Don't ask me why.

That was sad. painfully sad. I must say that I don't like this chapter. not becuase of the writing - which, as always, was good - but the conflict in itself. I don't know what to make of it, really...
9/17/2006 c17 The Phantom's Muse
No, no, no, no, no! NO! Glinda can't be dead! Dammit, you made me cry! Poor Glinda! *cries eyes out* I can only imagine how Elphie will react. Please update A.S.A.P.! If you update soon, MAYBE I'll forgive you for killing Glinda!
9/17/2006 c17 Kailee
:-( Glinda's dead...
9/15/2006 c17 62elphabathedelirious32
Oh, no! Glinda can't be dead! She's...she's...Glinda! You have to update again, and SOON.
9/15/2006 c17 15Kennedy Leigh Morgan
NO WAY! Not cool. You can't just off Glinda- well alright I guess you did but still NOT COOL! You're officially not on my good list and damnit you made me cry! I hope you're happy now.

Actually I was expecting that from the beginning (I'm still mad by the way).

That said I really liked the way you wrote everyone, especially Glinda. She was such a fighter in this chapter (another reason I'm so torqued off by this turn of events) and just awesoem. Boq was great too, I felt so bad for him at the end. And stupid dumb Ojo/Yackle whoever he is I hate him/her too. However it's one of those love to hate things. I want to see how this turns out, since you've stated there's a reason for everything then I'd certainly like to know what it is. I'm still mad, I can't for the life of me figure out how you could pull such a heartless stunt (to use your word) but I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt. You must be a decent writer to get that. Oh wait you are. I'm still mad though.
9/5/2006 c16 4jaybee65
I just caught up with all of this, and I'm extremely impressed at the clever way you've been weaving all these elements together. It's wonderfully creative and I'm enjoying this a great deal.
9/5/2006 c16 The Phantom's Muse
Dammit! Fiyero wasn't real! That seriously put a damper on my day...*sniff*. But I LOVED this chapter! How dare you stop at a cliffhanger! I'm dying to see what happens next! Please, please, PLEASE update A.S.A.P.!
9/4/2006 c16 8NewYorks
Wow, that was... wow. I really, really liked this idea of yours. I can't wait to see how it turns out. The whole story you've created behind all of the Kumbric Witch - it's interesting. Seriousely, the idea is great.

I must say, though, that I hate you for doing that to us, fiyero/elphaba lovers! How I hated you when Fiyero was discovered to be an illusion! But, it's okay, i guees, you have an interesting plotline, anywyas; keep it up!
9/4/2006 c16 Kailee
I miss Fiyero now... it's funny that Ojo was Yackle...seeing her awe with Elphie's water allergy.
9/4/2006 c15 Kailee
9/2/2006 c16 62elphabathedelirious32
Oh. Wow. Wow. I am awed by the brilliance of this.
9/2/2006 c16 15Kennedy Leigh Morgan
You are so mean! I'm pretty sure that falls into the category of cruel and unusual punishment!

I'd hate you but I love you too much, even without Fiyero (I'm still hoping, it's my perogitive) this story is awesome. The Kumbricia stuff was so cool, and very well thought out, it all makes sense but I can't help but want Elphaba to keep being just Elphaba, even if she is really souless. I can't wait for more!
9/2/2006 c16 20ChickInStarkTower
Oh, Fiyero wasn't real! *cries* Poor Elphie!

Geeze, if we didn't know that Yackle was crazy...

But serioulsy, I LOVE this story! (Even though Fiyero wasn't real...)
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