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1/23/2014 c15 tommyjude21
I'm not sure if this is finished, but even if it's not, the ending of this chapter could work as an ending to the story. Because although she's still battling her demons, it leads you to believe that eventually everything will be okay. Great job.
5/15/2007 c5 20Miss x Massacre
signs of bi polar disorder; i should know, eh.

i like the story so far. i thought i should comment here.

:] you're a good writer and this is mirroring SOME of my thoughts so much, its scary..even in the last story. yeah..scary. keep writing!
2/7/2007 c15 5tanya2byour21
I love it please post more soon.

2/6/2007 c15 27Aiedail01
Honey, this is AMAZING.

Much kudos. ^_^
2/5/2007 c15 22NefariousVestal
Bri! What can I say? It's amazing girl! Thanks for writing more to this story! It wonderful! I adore it! There are a ton of lines from this chapter that I just love, I cant even pick my favorite. I'm soo happy you updated I could do a little jig! You Rock! Please more as soon as it hits you dead tween the eyes again! -Red
11/3/2006 c8 lplovers1913
“I love you.” The words passed so easily from thought to verbalization. He didn’t break his back and forth, see-saw visuals from road to her, but he knew she smiled somewhere unseen. He knew she hung onto all three syllables.

“I love you, too.” Four syllables. Four sounds, four tones, four pieces that fit the puzzle and made him complete. Without her four, he was a picture without corners. How she filled his every corner.

^^ that part was so great. it literally warmed my heart. i am so unbelievably happy tommy got her out of that hell hole. you are doing an amazing job. keep it up.
11/2/2006 c7 lplovers1913
thank god is all i have to say. thank god tommy saved her. thank god she got out. just thank god. this story is so amazing. god you blow me away every single chapter. man, when tommy said "like hell i can't. i want you to try and stop me." i got shivers. that was one of the greatest lines in writing history i swear to you. this story just keeps getting better and better. i again hope you update soon.

P.S. i just thought you should know i love your author notes in the beginning of your chapters i find them highly entertaining.

P.P.S. (P.S.S.?) you can feel free to email me i would love to talk to you personally. im a fellow writer myself and never had enough guts to actually summit anything.

but anyway its not about me it about YOU and your amazing talent. just remember to be proud always be proud.
11/2/2006 c6 lplovers1913
as i said in my post for chapter 5 i am reviewing. this chapter was amazing as always. when i read this...

"He wanted his girl back. He wanted her with him on the weekdays and daring him on the weekends. He wanted her to smile, to laugh, to stare at things in the weathered exuberance that made her look so lovely at dawn. He needed to feel her hands exploring his face. He needed to hear her talking for no other reason than she could. He needed his synapses scorched by the fire that raged when she said his name. Brice wasn’t making her better. Brice was teaching her to be animalistic and to fear everything she couldn’t see. Brice was making her cold and zonal. Brice was killing her and all that she wanted to be. Brice was the antichrist to her deified existence."

i was so exited when he was going to do something i was literally jumping up and down. but when jude asked her doctor what was wrong with her and when he answered i just started to bawl again. it just hit to close to home you know? so anyway yes this chapter was brilliant and i really hope jude gets out of that damn place. i hate it. i really hope you update. but always remember to be proud of what you write because god knows you desere to be proud of this.
11/2/2006 c5 lplovers1913
i came across your story The Wall and it looked really good so i decided to read it. Well not only was that story good.. it was amazing it was impowering and beatifully written. ive never read anything like it before and i swear to god i will never read anything more magnificent. it just blew me away. So when you said there was a sequal i was thrilled. i couldnt wait to read it. so here i am reading it and again you blew me away with your words. But this chapter was by far the best. i was literally bawling when the nurses grabbed her. it tore me up and that is why i have choosen to review this story now. it is truly an amazing story. i hope to god you are proud of these storys you have written because trust me you should be. it is so incredible. you have an amazing talent and i hope you keep writing. i noticed you havent updated in awhile but i hope you will soon because i want to know what happens with this story. i havent read the rest yet but i will right after i finish with this and dont worry i will defenitly review. this story was so impowering it blew my mind. keep up the fantastic work!
9/6/2006 c14 2Phan45girl
Oh wonderful Bri—

Childish juxtapositions and images are becoming your signature… I am waiting for the chapter that is told through Elmo's perspective about his tortured existence.

And Chapped lips, Raggedy Andy and Ann, and uh, ants, tin soldiers and expatriates, and uh, original sin, and blah blah blah crying Jude.

So much imagery...

So much brain

So much weary passion...

Too much:

It ain't magical or mystical anymore. But neither is this show.

Next drop on the path of genius writing suicide: Lizzie McGuire complexity.

Girl, sometimes don't you just want to read Crsemma sex and be done with this website?
9/4/2006 c14 Mizzle frizzle
shit man, i can't figure out where they are. i should stop skipping/skimming sentences.


(when i can understand it)
9/2/2006 c4 rokrebel07
8/30/2006 c14 15Little Eirtae
An update! You don't know how happy this makes me.

It's great, as usual. But if Tommy leaves her again, I'm reaching into the computer and killing him.
8/29/2006 c14 Duddley111
LOve it PMS
8/29/2006 c14 5tanya2byour21
I love this story and I am so glad you updated and it was worht the wait. Again this is fatastic keep up the good work and please post more soon.

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