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7/27 c44 qwertyuiop123214685
great story, please update!
7/26 c44 ToddGilliss
Very long story. Deserves an effort to complete
Please continue on
Good luck with the muse
7/17 c31 LordKnight007
So fucked up
7/17 c29 LordKnight007
The problem I always have when it comes to story the mc immediately being strong, cold, ruthless and seemingly invincible right from the start is as the story goes on, the mc becomes softer to people around him, thus seem weaker then end up being the hero in children's stories who is just, fair and all that. I hope this wouldn't become that, The tv series Arrow is the prime example to that.
6/26 c44 gremlin914
An intriguing treat. I would like to know more.
4/12 c16 Aki13S
Man. Akshay is playing one hell of a game.
4/12 c10 Aki13S
He he he. First time that I didn’t need that translation. Woohooo.
4/12 c8 Aki13S
This is such a mafia family. Without the gross relationships/mature bits. I love it.
4/9 c24 wnnandos
I've tried to overlook the age gap between Gabriel and Fayette but it's just wrong... a 6th year and a 1st year is messed up no matter how many things you create to try and make it okay. it's literally someone about to finish secondary school and a child straight out of primary school
4/5 c44 MikaelsonChicka
Will this be continued?
3/12 c44 mimaja
Thanks for this great story.
I really hope there come some chapter in the near future I'm addicted to more.

Best wishes
2/25 c44 Guest
Please don’t abandon this
2/20 c1 Guest
1/29 c7 18Otsutsuki no Yami
and lost all interest. why griffindor, ugh...
1/7 c2 SadMeatBag
Question, why did Vermon carried a pistol. In UK it have very stricted policies about guns if I remember correctly. So if even they move to the States it highly unlikely for him to own a gun.
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