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7/15 c44 NeverStopsReading
I really loved this and I know it’s been awhile but I hope you decide to come back to this one day.
6/29 c15 Guest
he’s married to his cousin ? Like not technically blood related ig but like still but i suppose love
6/20 c44 kkatowll
Oof, I returned to this fanfic which I loved many years ago, and read the whole thing again, loving it even more but…you never finished it! It was such a good fanfic. Gabriel’s family springs off the page. I loved it. Thank you so much for sharing your imagination with all of us.
5/6 c20 15thinknicht
Story sucks
4/27 c44 12Village-Mystic
Ah, so does he drop his glamour here? I see you have not finished the story. I can see parts of it, though. You give Ron a chance to shine, and a plausible existence to him coupling with Hermione. I don't quite see Ginny and Neville, but this is a different Ginny who hasn't been traumatized. Also the Chamber of secrets is still possibly in play. Thanks for sharing what you got.
4/27 c41 Village-Mystic
Levy may be in more danger than Neville at this point.
4/27 c40 Village-Mystic
Wonderful! He trusts McG! And he solidly has friends now, not just are-they-minions.
4/27 c38 Village-Mystic
Good action and continuing of inter-personal intrigues.
4/27 c37 Village-Mystic
Oh. Good for him not wanting to drag it out. It is not like he is not trained.
4/27 c36 Village-Mystic
They can take more samples of his hair and have deco Potters seen in several areas of Europe at different times.
4/27 c35 Village-Mystic
Yes. If Harry/Brie wasn't so befuddled and sick, he would have been better waiting it out to divert suspicion.
4/27 c34 Village-Mystic
Well, since the story wasn't marked complete, you may not have finished it - but hopefully close enough that I'll enjoy the next chapters.
4/27 c31 Village-Mystic
I'm glad you're using Luna. She's a favorite character, too. Which means she probably "knows" now, too. If she didn't know before.
4/27 c29 Village-Mystic
What? Neville!
4/26 c26 Village-Mystic
Well, the close is defense against - so you do need to know what you are defending against.
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