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for Gabriel

3/12 c44 mimaja
Thanks for this great story.
I really hope there come some chapter in the near future I'm addicted to more.

Best wishes
2/25 c44 Guest
Please don’t abandon this
2/20 c1 Guest
1/29 c7 18Otsutsuki no Yami
and lost all interest. why griffindor, ugh...
1/7 c2 SadMeatBag
Question, why did Vermon carried a pistol. In UK it have very stricted policies about guns if I remember correctly. So if even they move to the States it highly unlikely for him to own a gun.
1/7 c29 21Duchess67
What?! How on EARTH could Neville NOT see leaving that vial out where anyone could find it as the betrayal that it is? Brie's family could happily murder Neville with no remorse for such an ACTIVE BETRAYAL as this! Regardless of the fact Nev doesn't know who Brie used to be, leaving that potion where it could be found is the same as blabbing said identity to all inhabitants of the castle!
12/30/2021 c12 Duchess67
Um, if Harry's legs are weak, he really wouldn't be able to sit on a broom for very long at a time and no fancy flying at all or he'd fall off. Did he use a charm on himself to lock his legs in place? That would be risky and could cause further injury to them both. I really don't understand why you would do that to Harry, but am looking forward to where it's important to the storyline. Just because I can't figure it out doesn't mean you don't have a good reason. I'm just impatient to know now! LOL

Oh dear, will the boggart create a panic attack? Is his boggart Vernon, even after all this time?
12/30/2021 c11 Duchess67
Um, how does a person wearing a metal leg brace sit crosslegged? And if the magical blood adoption ritual made his bones that brittle, how can he be a good soldier? Brittle bones would be grounds for dismissal from military service. Aren't panic attacks enough of a weakness for Gabriel?
12/30/2021 c44 Teresa
Is there going to be more to your story? It's really good but not yet done, I wate for more unless you are making it a cliff hanger.
12/29/2021 c25 12Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
Isn't 15 Galleons pretty much change for Hermione?

She's not rich, but both her parents are successful dentists, and if I recall correctly, they live in the posh Hamptons - you don't do that without money to back it up. (And if they work at a private clinic, they certantly earn well.)

15 galleons is like... 155 75£/h, for 4h work, equals... 300£.

Okay, maybe not change, but about 1/3d of what I used to pay for a single room for one month in the semi-posh, semi-not-REALLY-posh Regents Park Road above Camden.

Her book budget is GUARANTEED bigger. (Because most college schoolbooks -which I read even if I never bothered with actual college- costs about 100£ each. Which again is 10 times that of an avrage novel -unless you buy either used.)

My point is; It's affordable enough... unless her parents have some kind of mad debt.

Can't be student loan tho. They CLEARLY didn't fail college, so the goverment must have paid it all.


Mysterious things...
12/29/2021 c24 Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
Is Hermione a bit of a prude, or does she just come off that way?

I mean... who, under the age of 40, wears nylons these days? And what teen wears a dress that falls below her knees? Oo

(Aside from the royal family, but they ARE prudish -they kinda have to be I think. Tradition and modesty and all that.)

I'm also almost suprised they asked her to take her shoes off, living in american... but I assume it's either an indian thing, a wizard thing, or american sitcoms and rumors about americans I've heard is blantantly false. Lol
12/29/2021 c21 Dark-Prince-of-Clowns
For some reason the guy who raised Harry as a soldier reminds me strangely of Pyrites...

Of course, it's technically impossible because the Dark Lords rumored right hand man never existed in the books -J.K. Rowling thought ab9ut adding him but didn't.

And there's only ONE fanfic he enters in, and it's short and you don't see much of him at all...

...and your guy STILL reminds me of him. xD
12/1/2021 c44 6terrahsims
12/1/2021 c44 2Thorgrim Forgiaferro
Is the story dead or only stopped?
It's a very good plot...

Whatever is you answer, tanks you for your job.
11/27/2021 c44 alonzo.irenem
Truly loved your story could not stop reading. Thank you for sharing! Would love to read more.
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