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for The Day Before Christmas

12/20/2005 c1 20Gosha
Oh! i fogot to mention that Vidal is pelt wrong! Its spose to be spelt Videl, with an e. Just thought you might want to know that's all.

Kami bless
12/20/2005 c2 Gosha
LMAO! What a funny plot! This is quite the original story to! haha! Not only that but you got the personalitys spot on to, especially with Goku and Vegeta. Well done for that. I liked this it was hilarious and it kind of makes you think all Christmasy! lol. Update k^^

Kami bless
12/19/2005 c1 lalalululele
lol that was so funny. aaww that trunks is such a brat but he's adorable. can't wait to see what's gonna happen next.

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