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7/21/2002 c1 3Bastet Starwind
Uhh, wow? Kero and Suppi talkin' slang? Yue being almost normal is well, normal. I wouldn't mind another chapter to this, just to get some giggles from it. I like it, a lot
6/29/2001 c1 Aya Chow
OMG Catsy~ I laughed my ASS off! It was so easy to visualize Yue, Kerochan (Cerberus), and Spinel Sun doing and saying everything in the fic (which made it so much more fun). The only problem I had was in getting past the first paragraph as it gave me a feeling of heavy-handedness not seen anywhere else. Phrases such as "terminated its arc" and "toppled over the threshold" hold up the rhythm of the story it seems. Perhaps reword? Somehow, paragraph 1 just doesn't quite gel with the flow of your story. However, even if you think me daft for the suggestion, my compliments for a fun fic. Not many can use words like "elucidated" to effectively enhance a mood and you are one of the few. :)
6/21/2001 c1 Anna
Hi Catsy-san,

XDXDXD you had me laughing my head off with this~ I'm studying Al Capone in history right now, and this just reminds me of it... the accents in their dialogue is so funny!

Oh, and write more~ onegai^^. It's great to read a good fic after reading some _horrible_ ones here...

5/5/2001 c1 Taikonderoga
This is really funny and I like Kero's gangster accent! Very cute! =)
5/2/2001 c1 7Violintide
Interesting.. very.. interesting. :P Yet somehow, I enjoyed it. ^_-
5/1/2001 c1 10Sakura1301
That was funny how they said "Mistah" Instead of mister. Good one.
4/30/2001 c1 4Oliolio
Weirer than hell, but really funny. If you have any more "CCS bunnies", please put them

4/30/2001 c1 11Yume
sugoii~~ that's great! you have a talent for this. luv the part with Yue's line ^.^;;
4/30/2001 c1 2Amer
*laughs hysterically* Oh my, that was quite amazing XD XD
4/30/2001 c1 37Silverlight
That was DAMNED funny. *snickers*...silverlight
4/30/2001 c1 9Aeslinn
LOL! I loved it! I wish you had added a few more people in there, tho. Maybe Meilin..*shivers* oooh, that would have been a good fight! =)

Arigato for a good read!

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