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for Petal in the Rain

11/30 c38 Fanfictionlover
Please don’t leave us hanging! I really like this story! And I love how you’ve given every character some depth. The way this story has turned. Pls update soon! Very soon!
10/23 c38 Crying Reader
Alas, I am in desperate need of a follow up chapter. It seems you have disappeared from the surface of the Earth. I await Chapter 39 with tears streaming down my stricken face.
7/28 c38 Guest
I normally don’t write reviews, might be my first in two-three years. English is not my first language, so I just tend to use it for work. However, your story? I sincerely, really, totally, and irrevocably am invested in it now. I hope you update soon! I also hope you realise you have a gift. Never stop writing. Also, if you plan to abandon this story just let us know, yeah? Please? But I hope you don’t give it up. I hope a lot! Update soooon 3
7/19 c1 dumbl3dore
I have read some James/Lily fanfiction but no other story comes even close to this one. Merlin, this is marvelous. I love how much canon compliant you’ve made it, it almost feels true while retaining mystery element. I love how I can feel the element of every character — Dumbledore, Sirius, Snape, James, Lily. I love the extra drama and romance you’ve added. And merlin, its 320k words already. That’s bigger than the biggest HP — OOTP. Can’t wait for this to end. Hope you enjoy writing it as much as we enjoy reading it.
7/16 c38 2Fanfictionreader03
Finished in almost one sitting after dropping it at chapter 8. So glad i started again. The chemistry between james and lily is amazing, you really show their growth in maturity. Hope you are well and will ypdate soon
4/25 c1 Maha
Just so you know, there are people out here, like me, who want you to finish this story. You are an amazing writer! Please continue 3
3/6 c38 bloody.macchiavellia
When I tell you how quickly I devoured this story you’ll be concerned for my health! So happy that we have great writers like you in the marauders fandom
2/1 c1 Fuck Names
I was two years old when this was published. Absolutely fucking wild.
1/22 c38 7itxprincessxlala
I am officially caught up! I am so so excited for the next chapters to come! You can feel the anticipation in this chapter. It’s amazing to see how Lily has grown and see her confidence build. You’ve also written her relationship with Snape, Sirius, and honestly every character in this story so well. It’s authentic, kind, and so magical. As always, thank you for creating and continuing this amazing story. All these years later, I’ve since finished school, had multiple jobs, gotten married and purchased my home and still love returning to Petal in the Rain. Take care and can’t wait for more!
1/22 c37 itxprincessxlala
It’s been a while! Every time you release a new chapter, I find myself revisiting this entire story from the start again. It not only brings back my memory of the rainy night I discovered this story while I was still in school but all the amazing memories and feelings of magic I have with it. This was such a special chapter feeling Lily’s emotions as she thought of the first night she met James and the journey we’ve also been on with her in this story. I have been saving reading this for when I had time again and I’m so excited to read the next chapter now!
9/19/2022 c38 chillaxin101
Hope you are well, thanks for updating!
8/29/2022 c38 LilyOrpheus
Ain't this a fucking surprise!
A welcome surprise naturally, as gorgeous as the sunset on a tropical island that isn't plagued with volcanic outbursts!

Thank you so much for the pleasure of reading and imaging this world-class masterpiece. I mean, I'm genuinely staggered by the intricacies of your world building, both socio-economic and geopolitical. And I find myself learning a new word every few chapters ;)

- Lily
P.S. It's a shame you're not on Archive Of Our Own..
8/23/2022 c38 SuraWaldelfe
So many hearts for this chapter! Thank you for the continuous updates! I'm wonderfully looking forward to the GAMES
8/15/2022 c38 iknowmeletters
Please update! I’ve been reading this for years, and I get so excited every single time it updates. Thank you for writing
8/14/2022 c38 rya black
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