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for Always and Never

8/1/2019 c16 xLaBellaVita
Such a great story!
8/1/2019 c3 xLaBellaVita
I loveeee the writing to this
6/21/2013 c16 1WarriorQueen
It's been years since your last author's note. Please consider finishing this story!
5/18/2012 c16 grayribbon
Such a beautifully-written story! When will you continue this?
3/21/2012 c8 2SchoolGirl013
I wanted to save my review for the end, cause i was afraid i would clog up the review page with feedback on every single chapter of this fic. But I could not pass up the chance to review this chapter. Needless to say, it was beautiful. I love the way you described Ed, Lucy, and Susan's feelings and thoughts on Peter falling in love for the first time, how they all were overjoyed on seeing him happy, but Lucy felt sad that she may lose her big brother, Edmund longed for someone to love him like Rhiannon(did I spell it right?) loved Pete. I "aww"d at that part. Susan was ecstatic and empathized the feeling with her and Rabadash's relationship. I liked how you threw in the Susan/Rabadash love to. That was romantic. Yes, this story is fluff, but the good kind of fluff. The kind that makes you tilt your head to the side and go "aawwwww". Not the syrupy fluff like: "I love you" "no I loveYOU" " NO,I love YOU" "No,I love YOU!" "Let's get married!" " Ok!" You get my point. This is going in my favs;-)
4/9/2009 c16 tofucurry
Beautiful. Just beautful. In my opinion, though, i think the loving came a lil' too fast...


2/3/2009 c1 bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbvvvvv
Okay you got me hooked on the first chapter. Beautiful imagery; just lovely. Touching and wistful. I can never write "wistful" into my stories...it aches too much to do that and I salute you for having the guts to do it!

1/24/2009 c16 2Lov'nFantasy
what happened to finishing the story, its totally awesome but you wont finish it, maybe you should, you've on haitus for too long. If you don't finish might not aswell be on Fanfic anymore
1/24/2009 c2 Lov'nFantasy
realy gud
1/10/2009 c4 6BonniePrincess
This is lovely! Fantastc so far. A wonderful, but not mary-sueish, romance. Perfect :)
7/20/2008 c16 MLS
Thank Aslan. I really loved this story. It shows how Peter didn't have just one side to him. You know. the side that is him trying to be High King all the time and sometimes because of it coming off as a complete ass?
7/19/2008 c16 17Shealtiel
Wow, I only just read this like a week ago, and now you're updating after two years! I was hoping something like this would happen. I'm so excited. Anyway, one other thing: It's against the rules to have a chapter that's only an author's note (in case you didn't know) so maybe when you post the next chapter you should just replace this one with it.

Good luck and God speed.

7/16/2008 c16 mechanized-minotaur
7/16/2008 c16 M.Clairvoyant
Oh, finally!I was so worried that you decided to leave the story hanging there! Just can't wait for the next chapter! I will be waiting for it just like I always do.

7/11/2008 c15 Shealtiel
I've been reading this the last few days and it's great. I really love it, although I just know it'll turn out sad... Peter in one world, a young boy, and Rhiannon in another, an old woman. How sad. Anyway, please update as soon you can!

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