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for Zero 2: Battle of the Shinobi

6/21/2014 c2 19Kronikankirjoittaja
The coolest fanfiction ever!
Way to go Shurimon :D .
12/21/2008 c2 Blaze-Lover
I love ninja stories, especially Shurimon stories. He's so cool!
11/10/2008 c2 32Air-Quiet-Reader
Pretty awesome battle. Mirror eye is a sweet technique, and Ninjamon is an awesome villain.

Davis's punishment was hillarious :D
11/9/2008 c2 4the21stMartian
Two down in one day (not surprising since this one wasn't so long). Question: Were the two figures who had been watching the battle (aside from Gennai) BlackWarGreymon and Oikawa?
11/8/2008 c2 magiccat
done and hot cool fight
9/1/2007 c2 11RagingDragon04
Mirror eye?... More like Sharingan... hahaha you even put the same condition for activating it.

Near death experience.

Well I guess its fit for a digimon who is trained in the ninja arts... lol.
6/23/2007 c2 20EroPrincess
(sighs contently) Another satisfying story. The Mirror...something or other sounds cool. I can't believe the Digi-eggs have even MORE power! I can't to find out what the other powers are!

Now I'm off to read CT, even though Matt is FAR from one of my fave characters, I can just tell the story's going to be funny, especially with one of my fave villians...Etemon! (Uh, huh! LoL :P)
6/23/2007 c1 EroPrincess
Never thought I'd be reading a story about 4 ninjas fighting, but something tells me that I'm going to like it. (Just like your other stories.)

The opening chapter was nice though...until everyone found out about Davis' alliance with Ninjamon. Makes me wonder what's going to happen to him.
6/23/2007 c2 3zackubernerdcondon
nice explanation of the whole kakashimon thing
7/11/2006 c2 2SalanTrong
shurimon has the sharingan! awesome.
5/17/2006 c2 Painted Sunrise
Yay, good job! Keep writing, I love your works.
1/18/2006 c2 Drkstlkr7
Thank you for this great story. I don't know whether it was the great battle or you planning on doing a Tamers story, but suddenly I've started working on my fic again. Now that's power!
1/14/2006 c2 Sora Potter
The end? Already? Tch, not enough Davis... You are going to write a story about Davis' powers, right? (Yes, I'm stuck on Davis. :D) Yolei was mean to poor Davis! Meanie...
1/9/2006 c2 17Silver Warrior
Nicely done. You been watching Naruto? That Mirror Eye is remarkably like the Sharingan and Byakugan.
1/8/2006 c2 Dot Cubed
Wow, I really liked this! Very nicely done. And that 'The End' at the beginning was very, very, evil. I got really confused and sad...until I followed the x's and found out that the chapter continued. And it was a great continuation.

Poor Shurimon, I felt really bad for what he had to go through in the beginning. That definitely stunk. I /did/ however, laugh at Yolei's torture of Davis. That was a nice touch, especially 'cause we got to see some of Yolei's feelings.

And then Shurimon used that awesome Mirror Eye technique; that was really cool. At first I was confused and then when he started using it it was really awesome. That was the coolest way to end the battle, seriously; having Shurimon use the other's attacks against them. Slightly ironic, too.

I was really surprised at Oikawa and BWG, 'cause I definitely didn't seem them being the two figures. Plus I had completely forgotten about them, too. Awesome to see them back.

Can't wait for the new fics!
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