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for The inuyasha characters are in band

1/9/2009 c2 Kris
i reveiwed earlier but i change my mind how i want kris to be everthings the same except she a few inches shorter then inuyasha but taller then kagome she a cat demon and is often mistaken for a guy 'cause she can fight as well has inuyasha her hair looks like inuyasha 'cause she has ears like inuyasha but a bit bigger i don't want her to have a love intrest but they can like her she has a long thin tail that no one touches without her turning them into a boody plup she has fangs and one is always sticking out her claws are longer then sess but just a bit her hair ears and tail are sliver but a bit lighter then inuyasha's and is often dyed the ears are not and just the tip of the tail is and she has two swords
1/9/2009 c1 Kris
i would like to be in your story my person is a tomboy who is always out doing something she like to annoy inuyasha she is not fond of kagome her name is kris. her eyes are blue but change color at her will most likely to scare someone. is there love intrest i would like her to be pair with imu or sess plz.her hair is long and thick reaching to her waist it blond but the bangs are dyes somtimes just not pink! she likes to 'cause mischife{ idunno is that spelled right my computer so being stuipd}she short she likes to wear black or blue pants and any T-shirt that not low cut she likes long and baggy with someting on the front my friend and i made her. if you put my person in e-mail ok? and say you're from ffn and yes it does have to be in caps hope to hear from you soon

~ Kris
10/2/2008 c25 33halfdemon-kai
LMAO! I totally loved that chapter DanDan. That seriously made my night last night when I read it. xD I thought it was hilarious and for you to not know what you were on when you wrote that makes it all the better. Lol. Behold the power of the random! WOO! GO RANDOM! xD Lmao. A trip to Cuba sounds fun. Do you think that the teacher could keep the all calm enough to take them? xD Lmao. Oh geez... Naraku who is no longer a pyro... doesn't have any crazy quirks at all... there's something wrong with that since in the show he's such a huge 'bad guy'. 'And this bad guy came along and I knew he was because all bad guys wear eyeshadow'. xD Did I ever get you to watch that? It's so funny. Anyway, good job my friend. I look forward to the few remaining chapters that are yet to come. :3

10/1/2008 c25 Sarabi-Chan
Eh heh, I was in such a rush to read this I didn't even log in!



Jacob know's he better damn skippy get a good job.


He gave me the -_-' face. . I LOVES YOU JACOB!

Well then. squeeness.

Its been so long since I've read this and this totally made my day.

I found it funny as hell! YAY!


XD I'll get a good job when you do woman!

anyways, to make a long story short and to repeat Kristin, funny as hell. XD




Keep it up!


Kristin & Jacob
5/29/2008 c24 14Sarabi-Chan
::giggles:: MAN ITS BEEN A WHILE! XD Sorry for taking a lifetime to review. XD Its been a very very very long time. Gah, and as usual, roflmao, the story was funny! XD gah, i need to catch up, guess I'll go and re-read all of it! WHO


rofl. I agree with her. Funny stuff. We've been away for a while because we've been in Florida and all that stuff. Summer Vacation has started and all that and we've been caught up in dance class. YES..DANCE CLASS..dum dum dum. XD Also, I uh...lets see...proposed to Kristin. eheh. Ok then. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! ROFLMAO!

1/12/2008 c24 33halfdemon-kai
WOO! Yay, we got the update! *flying hug* Lol. That was such a hilarious chapter, I REALLY loved it because it was just so awesome! xD I loved how you put both the pee thing in there and the thumb sucker thing. xD That was greatness. Lol. Good times right? Lol. Well that was an awesome chapter, and I loved how you brought back the guy with the gun to scare Koga. xD Some 'brother' huh? Lol. Screaming like a girl, shame on him. xD I'd love to see my actual brotehr scream like a girl... that would be damn hilarious 'cause he's older. xD Lol. well anyway, again, that was a really good chapter and I can't wait to read the next one. :3

10/18/2007 c23 halfdemon-kai
That was an awesome starting chapter. It got everything in line and everything. I really enjoyed it and the farting thing really made me laugh. xD It was totally awesome. And the take cover thing was even better. Well I hope to see an update whenever for anything 'cause not very many people update anymore which totally sucks... anyway, pawesome chapter, I can't wait for an update. :D

7/29/2007 c1 Anna
I would love to be in the story.I've already made up a charicter it's a fox/dog deamon With brown with brown hair and dog ears on top of her head just like Inuyasha's and she wore a pretty dress(color,pink) and she had a tail and feet just like shippo's she had hazil colored eye's and red lip stick and her skin tone is white and she sometime's wore a ribbin. her name is anna.
7/27/2007 c22 halfdemon-kai
Dude! That was so TOTALLY AWESOME! I really loved it. :D:D That time with Koga on the ground outside reminds me of the time my brother puked in the sink and I had to clean it out because my parents were already asleep and then HE went to bed too. It was horrible and I told him that he owed me real bad. Lol. Anyway, that was a pawesome chapter I can't wait for you to update again... well I can 'cause I'm gunna have to. :D:D Well I'll talk to you later. :D:D bye bye!

3/17/2007 c21 halfdemon-kai
Dude that was so totally hilarious! Lmao. I was laughing so hard. xD I'm going to have to assume that Naraku went into Kagura's locker and caused that whole scene? Lmao. That was totally awesome. And that video sounds hilarious. xD Though I probably would have been disturbed if I ever actually had to watch it. Lol. But yeah, that was an awesome chapter. xD Lol. I'm glad that you updated and I'm sorry that it took me so long to read it. Lol. I was working a lot and just got home at ten tonight, so eight at your house. Lol. And I'd been working since 3:30, which would be 1:30 there. Lol. And I worked yesterday but had that big obsession with Radu and Eyes and was spending all night looking for pics of them. *sweat drops* Lol. And I only found like four of Radu, so I have to keep looking for more. Lol. Anyway, yeah, I'm sorry for not reading sooner and I'm trying to catch up now even though I'm suppsed to be doing research for me 'dream job' for an assignment. Lol. Alright, well please update when you can. :D:D

3/9/2007 c21 4royalvogue
OMG lol I loved the ending of the chapter XD I could so see that happening, at my old school a girl in my health class coloured in a heap of them with pink chalk after we had to check their 'absorbsion' by soaking them with water (very weird class that day) lol XD then she chucked it into the hallway when the bell went so many people got grossed out for no reason lol

Anyway thanks for including me in this, considering you had so many characters to fit in as it were '_-

3/6/2007 c21 Cold Kikyo
I love this chapter,it is so hilarious,i couldn't stop laughing till my side started hurting.

2/8/2007 c20 33halfdemon-kai
Oh god, the Squirt Game? Did you actually get to play that? That would be so totally wiced to have a teacher actually let you play something like that. xD Man I would love that. xD Lol. I love the end, where Sesshoumaru squirts Inuyasha. xDxD Totally funny. Lol. :F Lol. So yeah, I really liked this chapter, and all your other chapters 'cause they're funny and make me laugh and I can't wait for you to update again. :D:D Well I can, but you know, no one likes to wait, but I don't care 'cause it's you and you're my buddy and I know you will update instead of going half way and then not finishing the story and just taking it off the site! *freaks out over how Eternal Blooms is gone and then goes to cry in a corner...* Yeah, I'm sad. I know. Lol. But that's amazing, that was my first freak out over that story being gone in like five to six months. Lol. I think I did pretty good. xD Alright, well I g2g because it's almost bed time. Lol. So I'll talk to you later. :D:D Bye bye!

2/7/2007 c20 Cold Kikyo
Great chapter,i like it.Update.^_^
1/12/2007 c19 halfdemon-kai
Dude! That was so awesome! I loved it! This story is so funny!xD I loved that Chubaca part.xD Lol. I was laughing and my mom thought I was crazy. Lmao. And the "Kagome since you have SINNED in my class..." xD Dude, I love this story. Your life must be so funny to a real extent. Lol. :D:D Well, I don't know what to say really right now. *sweat drops* But yeah, I really liked this chapter, it was good. :D:D I hope that you will update soon. Bye bye for now!

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