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8/6 c6 Guest
Hate u. Wasted 44mins in this shit
12/1/2018 c6 Chica1016
It would be great to see this story continued, considering when the last update was I am doubtful that will happen but it’s such a good story so far I’d love to see if Tristan and Rory work it out.
11/7/2017 c6 Guest
6/5/2017 c6 6Sammyl1440
I hope your planning to continue this story love it
7/25/2016 c6 nightnovice
Your swear is meaningless-so many years the story has languished. :(
12/15/2013 c6 ReadingWasNeverMyThing
This is so good, I wish you can stop abandoning your Tristan and Rory fanfiction and finished it instead of leaving like this...
7/11/2012 c6 Gilmoregirls1197
Please update this story is amazing and ik u haven't updated in a while but ppl still read these
6/20/2011 c6 20GilmoreGirlsAddict - Rogan Fan
awsome story

please update now

I love Rory's quote

Finn Future reference
3/7/2009 c6 kelley0314
this is a really good story again and i hope you continue writing soon
9/24/2007 c6 2enviedxl0ve
Argh! Logan's an idiot... Rory's overreacting. DRAMA!
9/10/2007 c6 coffeejumper7080
update soon please...

and are you a red sox fan?
8/29/2007 c6 4canislupus7
Go Finn! I love this story. It's awesome. I love how all of the guys are protective of Rory and watch out for her. I love Finn, and the future reference :D.

Update soon please.
8/15/2007 c6 9Joise
What the hell just happened there?
8/13/2007 c6 12Im.Just.Like.Me
Hahaha, update soon. Love it~
8/13/2007 c6 1princetongirl
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