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8/10/2006 c1 13Applecake
LOL! I'm not a fan of power rangers but this was good! ^_^ I loved all your stories! ^^

8/6/2006 c11 4Mew of Fire
it's ok (i don't mind a short chapter). I can't wait to read more.
7/19/2006 c10 Mew of Fire
ok. don't stress yourself out.
6/4/2006 c9 Mew of Fire
this was AWESOME! write more!
5/3/2006 c8 Mew of Fire
3/6/2006 c7 Mew of Fire
awesome! she's a gotta zord! this rocks!
2/4/2006 c6 28Jenvaati
Yay, she's going to be part of the rangers! This just keeps getting cooler! Wow, I finally fully updated on this story! Now I just have to read your other ones, haha...It never ends...see ya!
2/4/2006 c5 Jenvaati
Wo-Wow...Deep Blue...Zakuro has connections! The drunk guy who walked out on Kat, haha...So Deep Blue drinks a lot, huh? He's probably always drunk...And a schizophrenic too right? Cuz he's got like three parts, which is soo weird...hey, I'm going to read the next chapter now! This one was cool, and shocking...
2/4/2006 c4 Jenvaati
Hmm, I can't imagine Zakuro talking like that, haha. It's okay! Cool, a vacation! Wonder where in America...anyway, too bad the power rangers are leaving...I'm going to miss them...time to read the next chapter! I have two more to catch up on...
2/4/2006 c3 Jenvaati
Aw, poor Zakuro...Hope she goes with Sky! I mean, they do have to go through with their romance right? Haha. Kat...I think that was my sister's favorite...wait, isn't she a ranger too? I'm...confused...Wasn't she a pink power ranger? Or maybe she was yellow...I remember that my favorite was yellow and my sister's was pink...Well, I wonder what Zakuro will do? I liked this chapter, so time to read the next one!
2/2/2006 c6 Amara Silvana
keep going! i love it! please update ASAP!

1/31/2006 c6 4Mew of Fire
yeah! ur stories rock! write more!
1/24/2006 c5 Mew of Fire
this was so good! AH! Deep Blue! OH NO! what will happen next?
1/23/2006 c4 1dreamboatdarryl
Where is Kisshu! (Sob) Update soon, please!
1/23/2006 c5 Amara Silvana
i can't belive it! wait, is zakuro going to have pointed ears and the ability to float and teleport? that would be cool! Please update ASAP!


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