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12/9/2006 c2 5Ley Elizabeth

Lovin' this prequel!

Wonder when John's gonna come into play. now that we've seen the pregnancy test!


Or face the consequences.. *shakes fist*


1/25/2006 c2 3HardyFreak101
wow! thats a great chapter! to bad there ant more to it...lol but yeah Great chapter! Update asap!
1/10/2006 c2 27Milou
This is gonna be even better than the first one, I can tell! You havent lost it at all, you got better and better! Cant wait for more! And sorry for the late reviews.. *blushes*
1/2/2006 c2 7qtea-angel
i only had the chance to read this today coz i was incommunicado for the past weeks because of my vacation... but let me tell, you this is getting to be really good... lots of drama, scandal... keep it up, i'll be looking forward to reading more! :-)
12/27/2005 c2 Poetic Hellfire
I'm loving it. kepp up the gppd work. u did an amazing job on the Dont Forget to Breathe...and im looking foward to being just as caught up in this story i was was the last.

12/26/2005 c2 His Lovely Lil Angel
yay Randys back...i hope he can stop her
12/25/2005 c2 2Breeface
Whoa...I can tell this is gonna be good...Dun dun dun dun! lol Good job so far!
12/25/2005 c2 3Latisha C
No fair, you leave us hanging with a chapter ending like that. Anyway, good job on this chapter. It was really good. Hurry and update soon.

12/25/2005 c2 Candy
BRAVO! its great! and the title is PERFECT

you're the best

xox mrs carlitocenahardy ;)
12/18/2005 c1 7qtea-angel
i was surprised when i saw this fic coz i wasn't actually expecting a prequel, but i'm really glad you decided to do one. keep up the good work and i'll keep on reading! :-)
12/17/2005 c1 Poetic Hellfire
i LOVED "dont forget breathe"...and this is a promising start...can't wait it see more.
12/17/2005 c1 3HardyFreak101
Wow! I like it. THis is a GrEaT! 1st chaper to this story. Cant wait the next chapter. Update asap and keep up the good writing! ~A Fan~ Chelsea
12/17/2005 c1 His Lovely Lil Angel
i like it and i hope randy or someone can talk to her soon
12/17/2005 c1 3TheOther BoleynGirl1509
Oh wow! i like this prequal! i wasn't so sure about it first but i really do like it. i really hope lidia's ok, even though we kinda have to guess she will be since in the last story she was. I hope yu write more in this soon!
12/17/2005 c1 AliciaBouvier
Wow! It's a great start. Keep it up and update soon.

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