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for Pain of Memory

8/17/2016 c11 LisaG16
awesome ending to a really interesting story! :)
1/19/2016 c11 4SakuHina-X3
This is awesome! Very interesting story and well written! Keep on the great work!
5/28/2015 c11 Minka
everything about this was just amazing I have to leave a review. It really felt like an episode which is always a treat in fanfic. And I liked the mystery of it in that other factors were sort of overlooked because it made sense that maybe Julian was just regressing untill they found the anomoly in his quarters. I liked how Jake helped him out- he was a great character to use in that role and it was just masterful how Julian's slow decline was written and how the world from his POV was described.
The only part I didn't like so much was that garak/o'brien and Sisko were both working the same plan without talking to each other, I like that Julian got to Adigeon (and all the characters there and that world was wonderful!) but maybe it would be more satisfying when Sisko caught them if that to try to cure him was his plan and o'brien and garak were just trying to keep him out of the really wow best ds9 fanfic I've read and I've read a lot thank you so much! I was so worried we wouldn't get a happy ending and I, so glad we did it was fantastic and funny and engaging and perfect
1/6/2015 c11 DefenestratedCountess
Great, original story!
1/26/2014 c11 Guest
Excellent grasp of the characters, you had me glued. Only request would be a bit more of an epilogue (how Sisko and Bashir's relationship improved, more on Jake, Garak, O'Brien). Either way, excellent job!
7/17/2013 c11 40Iawen Londea
Just read this whole story today. It was wonderful. I loved that it was Sisko who took the risk to take Julian to Agideo Prime, what with the history between them. He didn't even realize he was saving Julian's life, but as I was reading I had a feeling it would progress that far if not treated. I only wish we'd been able to see O'Brien, Jake, Kira and Garak find out/see that Julian was cured. Ah, alas. We cannot have it all. Sometimes it is good to be left wanting.

Definitely adding this to my favorites.
6/7/2013 c1 3Allthoseotherworlds
This was amazing! I'd had an idea for a story that had some of these same elements, but knew I wouldn't be able to do it justice. I'm glad someone did!
10/25/2012 c11 PBIceCream
That was intriguing, sad at times, and quite riveting. Too bad you're not writing the novels, as this would've made a darn good one, thank you!
9/1/2012 c11 13creativesm75
5/9/2012 c11 6kawaii yuki-chan
Wow, just WOW. Great story! It flowed so much like a true episode that by about chapter 4 or so I totally forgot I was reading a fanfic! Wonderful dialogue and trueness of character that it was very believable. Going to add to my favorites now.
10/25/2011 c11 10Leona Esperanza
This was fantastic! Very believable, very touching - I started to tear up when Bashir was leaving the station and everyone was there to see him off. I love it!
8/24/2011 c11 alexandra
This was sooo, good. I wish there was more about Miles in it but overall very very well done. Also I like how she used Jake as the caretaker. It was well worth my time
8/16/2011 c1 deeply-spaced
I'm so enthralled that I'm shouting in my head for Julian to tell somebody what the hell is happening! It's horrible what is happening to him and yet he can't remember. I adore how the Chief is taking care of him ... getting him breakfast and coming to check on him. They are so cute. Great chapter. Such skilled writing.
7/17/2011 c11 105Katta
Even though I was pretty sure things would work out all right in the end, this made me cry. A lot. This story was incredibly touching, and you made great use of Jake in particular.
2/16/2010 c11 38Butterfly Hippie
let me just say, i loved this story. rarely have i seen such a well written and intriguing DS9 story. and the fact that it's Bashir-centric gives it extra points. welcome to my favs!
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