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for Necessary by the Order

9/29/2023 c14 ressmania
i thinks this is the best ff that potray sirius and harry relationship. love it.
5/19/2023 c12 4cytpotter
Absolutely love this reboot! I enjoyed the original way back when I read it... A long time ago! I had a urge to read some Hermione and. Sirius and my favorite story line for them the marriage law... So had to go looking for one of my all time favorites. I can't wait to read the rest of this reboot!
5/7/2023 c12 fairytalebliss182
Loved this updated chapter- thank you!
5/5/2023 c14 Leonora22
First of all I absolutely love this story. It's a great plot and I've had a few laughs. Secondly I think you missed a chapter between chapters 12 and 13. At the end of chapter 12 they had just kissed. Then chapter 13 starts by them waking up in bed together and them having a nightly routine of reading together? And this business of him finding a letter Hermiones parents wrote her.
2/1/2023 c2 Lavirtu02
I just hope that Hemrione is not a virgin little girl xd, How about hide in muggle world for three month
1/31/2023 c28 Banshee Black
Such a wonderful story !
1/30/2023 c1 1Lavirtu.2
Oh oh
1/27/2023 c7 jessyHH
You can't be serious...I just started reading this story for the first time and now you are torturing me by having to wait for the latest 2023 edits? Dying for the next chapters to be edited XD
1/20/2023 c1 KyloRen'sgirl213
Love this very much
1/20/2023 c1 merelanjones
I am so glad you are reworking this, it's been a favorite. How do we get notifications as you edit more chapters? It's listed as complete, so the normal way is out.
1/2/2023 c26 Banshee Black
Thank you for a beautiful story. Happy New Year.
1/2/2023 c26 3lrmorena
I love this story. I little humor should had been good Sirius dealing with Hermione's hormones and giving birth. Maybe that could be an addition at some point or part of your next story.
12/1/2022 c3 Doodle
Imagine my surprise returning to one of my favourite comfort Hermoine/Sirius stories, and finding an updated version!
I adored this story before, but the updates improve upon it even more.

Its lovely to see your growth as a writer, excited to see what you do with this - or other things - next!
11/20/2022 c1 3Irene blackwell
welcome back!
1/15/2022 c1 16Ariasher-R.R
Hey, your article was great! That’s great. I love your fan fiction. Can you authorize me to translate all of your fan fiction about Hermione Granger into Chinese Thank you very much!
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