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4/10/2008 c4 4kokoronagomu
"I'll work on it as much as possible, but I'm a very bad procrastinator..." *chuckles*

i attempt not to get emotionally invested in a story that isn't finished but i can't help but feel saddened when there has been over two years since the cliff. i wish you health, happiness and success in your life and hope you haven't stopped creating. finishing this would be appreciated but i know that life gets in the way of the best of plans.

thank you for the journeys,

1/3/2006 c4 13d'Anima
Yay for dedications lol! The whole 'sulking youki' thing seemed very real. Well done, and try and bribe your muse with cookies.

12/28/2005 c3 d'Anima
Hehe, the whole sleeping-waking up thingy was hellishly funny. Very nifty chapter.

12/23/2005 c2 d'Anima
Aw...maybe Sesshy does have a heart. Looking forward to the next chapter!

12/23/2005 c2 Meggiebeth
Well, I'm totally intrigued. Everything with Rin is just hilarious. I'm excited to see where this story is going. Best of luck to Inuyasha with that whole "reviving Kagome" bit. =D
12/20/2005 c1 d'Anima
Oh crap that was funny! I think I cried from laughing too much. Rin is hilarious! And you kept Sesshy in very good character. 'Inuyasha-Sesshoumaru-sama-no-otouto-sama'...XD

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