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1/6/2006 c1 25Akira of the Twilight
Akira: Don't hurt me Rin! I was finally able to review.

Mimi: *glaring* Study! *points to mountains of books* You have three finals coming up!

Akira: T.T But I must review or Rin shall gut me like a fish! And aren't you supposed to be the nice muse?

Mimi: Yes, but since you don't have a responible muse you force me out of character, making me have to yell at you.

Akira: T.T I just want to read fanfiction. T.T

Mimi: *sigh*

Akira: Look out Mimiko! Rin is out to get you! Oh yeah... and Tyson and Max look out too.

Tyson: *eyebrow twitches* -.-* Oh yeah?

Akira: What can I say? I've seen Kai and Rei get you and Max so many times now it's almost pointless to warn you guys.

Max & Tyson: *frown*

Mimi: Aki... *slams textbook down in front of Akira* Study!

Akira: I want to update first!

Mimi: -.- ...No.

Akira: *pouts*
12/21/2005 c1 RaWr-YeR-fAcE
lmfao this is awesum so far!

NOW YOU NEED TO UPDATE! lol can't wait! =D I hoep it's soon too! haha

well l8r

12/21/2005 c1 15KiraraCutie
Sanura: Um yeah I wouldn't want to be hunted gutted like a fish

KC: That's way where reviewing

Sanura: Ok well no one can hurt you but me

KC: You just live for that don't you?

Sanura: yup well this story is great so far but i want to read more

KC: update plez

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