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6/8/2007 c7 2fantoallwritertonone

a tad cheesy but good
3/24/2006 c2 Brandi
i like ur story and yah u r right bout the tex and that was then this is now it is the hitchhiker its on all these quizzes and i think all her books have a connection :D
1/11/2006 c1 123-.-HighOnLife-.-321
i love the title and the chapter titles!
1/11/2006 c7 123-.-HighOnLife-.-321
i cried so much i lost my voice.

i dont usually go for anything not-so-sappy, sad, or any story with death, but this is definitely one of THE best stories i have ever read. It just may be the best. it should be published!
1/5/2006 c7 2XoXoXOutsiderChickXoXoX
Aww, what a happy ending! I'm glad you decided to rewrite this, it's turned out so well! That'd be awesome if you wrote another story! Steve doesn't get very much attention (hint, hint!)
1/5/2006 c7 12TheGirlWithKaleidoscopeEyes
aww wat an awsome story! i loved the ending! if u make a sequel than i cant wait to read it! and how come Pony nvr said anything about Johnny in the end? :)(:
1/3/2006 c7 4R Lucky Crayon
Such a happy ending! how sweet, and i'll be lookinf forward to your next story.

~Uma =^-^=
1/3/2006 c6 15IHeartJensen
hey i love open your eyes... please continue
1/1/2006 c6 12TheGirlWithKaleidoscopeEyes
u just like makin me cry dontcha? thats the second time now! i cant wait for more of this story! cant wait to see wat happens to Becca! o ya and HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2006 BABY! WO! anyhoo update soon! :)(:
1/1/2006 c6 iluvpony
i hate you she is not alowed to leave and not come back, you hear me!
12/31/2005 c6 4R Lucky Crayon
Loved this chapter! SO GOOD!buut, you left another cliffy, that's just mean ~pouts in corner, while mumbling~ why do all the good stories have to have cliffys... not fair... not fair at all

~Uma =^-^=
12/29/2005 c5 6SodapopandDallyareMINEZ
OMG I loved it! Keep writing. I dont know the connection with rumble fish...BUT do you think that the guy in That Was Then,This is Now that was named Randy and was a hippy that gave Bryon and Mark a ride might be Randy Anderson? Just a guess. Well I liked it! Keep up the good work!

12/29/2005 c5 4R Lucky Crayon
oh my gawd, that's the most evilest threat an author can give!Another threat you should try is, that you'll sick evil demented muffins on the poeple that don't review. It works...somtimes. Well loved the way this chapter turned out, way great!

~Uma =^-^=
12/26/2005 c4 R Lucky Crayon
sorry that i didn't review your last chpater, i couldn't read anything because said that you didn't update it, it was being really mean to me. Oh well, i loved this chapter! i cryed it was so good, and still am.

~Uma =^-^=
12/25/2005 c3 29Maddiecake
Aw... -cries- That's upsetting... Not in a bad way, it's touching. Yeah, that.
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