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7/8/2007 c11 anexandra
plez write a sequel i love this!
8/8/2006 c1 11ReiMin09
sounding very intresting
7/25/2006 c9 FaberryTrain
This was a great chapter...I also love this story and can't wait to find out what happens next!
7/25/2006 c9 qwerasdfg
Hm... good chapter.
7/7/2006 c8 8no-no-no-no-1
This story is really cool. Your only 12? That's awesome! I can't write like that. I love the power of 5! Please update soon!
7/6/2006 c2 no-no-no-no-1
I love that song! No one seems to know it, though, so I got excited when I saw that you had it.
6/16/2006 c8 qwerasdfg
Hm... short chapter but contains a major part of the story.
6/13/2006 c8 motormouth2005
hey i totally 4got all bout this story so am sorry 4 not reviewin lol. its cool. btw in like chapter 4 or sumfin u mentioned cole n andy at the normal school but then u turned them into magic ppl did u no that?
5/19/2006 c7 qwerasdfg
Good uppie! Wish it could be longer though. And yeah, they have so many new powers!
5/19/2006 c7 Rini08
I love it hihihihi I said that already to you but that doen't matter whahaha
5/16/2006 c6 Rini08
I absolutly LOVE it hehe
5/13/2006 c6 9Max and Dakota
Nice use of the truth spell!
5/13/2006 c5 Max and Dakota
Oh wow what a great twist with having everyone turn on Paige like that!
5/13/2006 c4 Max and Dakota
Nice tie in with having the girls attend magic school. I have a hard time imagining Cole only being 12 years old! Keep up the good work!
5/13/2006 c3 Max and Dakota
oh love the new demon names. Great spell!
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