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12/31/2016 c3 A Psychic
Or maybe because elephants is elsa...
8/18/2008 c22 Cole Alvina
Wow. I have to say this is a really good drabble. It's so sad D:

And what's worse, I was listening to Memory while reading it. I am not kidding when I say the last verse played while I was finishing reading it.

"Memory, all alone in the moonlight

I can smile at the old days

I was beautiful then

I remember the time I knew what happiness was

Let the memory live again."

I think the verse is almost perfect for this drabble you wrote.

I would've said practically perfect for it, but I thought that sounded too much like Mary Poppins XP
12/31/2007 c31 21PhantomElphaba
I know you finished these a long time ago, but I just reread this one and...EW! Ew! Ew! EW! *waves hands across her face* Bad mental image!

Anywho...how's it going? Haven't talked to you in a while. I'm thinking of using these topics and writing Harry Potter drabbles. Wish me luck
9/11/2007 c100 7Opapea
So, it took me a few weeks to read all of these, and I'm so happy I did! I'm new to the world of Wicked fic, and yours had a bit of something for everyone. My favorite (hard to choose, you know) was probably the one in which Glinda found out about Elphaba's birthday, and decided she had a reason to like January. However, a great job on all!
6/12/2007 c69 2ChloeKhepri
Loving these stories so far, but I HAD to comment on this one just because of the author's note...

THE GRAPES OF WRATH = DEATH! lol, I hate that book...
6/8/2007 c31 ElphieFae
Oh, there is totally something going on between Horrible Morrible and our Not-So-Wonderful Wizard. Just listen to the line in Wicked when Morrible says "You'll find that the Wizard is a very generous man. If you do something for him, he'll do much for you." She says it so creepy and just makes it sound dirty, lol.
2/11/2007 c95 Psychic-Ghost
This made me laugh.


G(a)linda's so funny.
2/9/2007 c100 10Unrepentant Geraldines
These are excellent. :-D Sorry for not reviewing in AGES, but I've been busy. :-( The last one was probably one of my favorites, and I can't believe it's over... :-(
2/3/2007 c100 Rini
I loved all your drabbles! I spent my whole Saturday just reading them all! Very good! Keep writing :D
1/29/2007 c100 9Deilf Amhran
1/23/2007 c100 USFRumpleteazer
"Glinda falls to the floor in hysteria, weeping for what she knows is the loss of a beautiful, beautiful woman."

And I'm weeping for the loss of a wonderful collection of drabbles. (That sounds like such a derogatory word, but with yours as a prime example, they are a beautiful thing!) Congratulations on finishing this and seeing it through to the very end with the same enthusiasm and professionalism with which you started it. :-) Good job, and I will be looking for more fics from you!
1/23/2007 c100 21PhantomElphaba
*Stares at screen in shock. Whispers* Oh, my God.

Woah. What a way to end this. I am seriously in shock over here.

I can't believe it. It's done. Good job, sticking with it.

I've been working on some drabbles using these same themes, but doing Teen Titans. I might get one up in a little while. Unless you think I should still hold back a while until the craze for these has died down?
1/22/2007 c100 Zoi
Way to save the best for last!

I think Number 100 is my favorite.


It's been a great few months reading these. I'm kinda reluctant to stop, now that they're over.

I applaud you in your greatness.

Keep it up.
1/21/2007 c100 Taylor
Thanks for using my suggestion! I've always wanted to write a fic about the last moments between them, but thought you would do a better job, and you definitely did. i absolutely loved it. Congrats!
1/21/2007 c100 80lalalei
This is one of your best ones ever! I love it!

...It's funny, but people said that about my 100th Wicked drabble too...

It's funny how our last work is considered our best, isn't it?

Keep writing! :)
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