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for Jingle Bells: An Inextricable Tale

6/4/2013 c1 Nicoleix
6/20/2010 c1 GeminiMagi90
After reading your Inextricable series, this story just puts the icing on the cake! The way you write makes me wish I was there, visiting the Elric/Rockbell house as a friend of their crew. Awesome job!
4/16/2010 c1 8rultas
Aw...that was so cute and sweet. I loved the last line. It was great. Nice ONESHOT, by the way. ^_^
1/2/2010 c1 19BornOnTheBreakOfDawn
aww...this is so cute!

and i just read this just after the christmas season ended...hehehe...

but still, merry christmas!

happy new year too!

cheers for 2010...hehehe...XD (i know you wrote this last 2005 but i just read it now so you couldn't blame me for adding 2010 into the greeting...XD)
5/8/2009 c1 26funvince
Well, damn, the last line just made me tear up. Well done. And I'm glad you remembered that they don't celebrate Christmas in Ed's world and figured out a way to work around it. So many fanfic authors just ignore the problem and do it anyway.
12/28/2008 c1 Georgina
I'm sorry, I suck at computer stuff; That last review was sent off prematurely, and at the moment I don't have a FF account, but I've just read all your stories in an afternoon and I just had to tell you that I adore them all. Especially the story about christmas.

May I ask, what does the Prime Minister look like specifically? I don't think I read a full description of her, and I'm curious as I share quite a few similarities, in personality and in name (Georgiana- Georgina, Georgie being my nickname of choice from those who do not know me as Edward)

Please keep on writing your fanfictions, I like the way each segment is short, and often ends with a cliffhanger; I feel if a segment drags too long then I get tangled with it and it's difficult to follow. So bravo, and keep up the good work of spreading EdWin Goodness!

12/28/2008 c1 Georgine
I'm sorry, at the moment I don't have a FF account, but I've just read all your stories in an afternoon and I just had to tell you that I adore them all
11/30/2008 c1 25TheDoc811
Write another me, please!

I love your prime minister, she's so funny.

Well done!

1/26/2008 c1 6tyc123
Aw... that's so sweet! Great oneshot!
3/26/2007 c1 27BakaKonekoRKL
This was a really great story as well as Inextricable! I totally understand the second one, now, and I'm looking forward to more from you!
1/21/2007 c1 11Adelaide MacGregor
Very cute! I loved it!
12/27/2006 c1 6Letishia
Aw! That was adorable! ^_^
10/19/2006 c1 ppppttttthhhbbbbbnt
aw this was so cute!
10/13/2006 c1 4Larie-chan
You are amazing!
8/27/2006 c1 Michiyo-Chan
i know its august, but that was really cute~
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