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12/13/2014 c13 Petalclaw's PatriceBethPorter
Love it can't wait for the sequel!
6/17/2014 c12 Melli
Hey :3
First of all; I really, really love this story. And I was so glad when I had found it because although the majority of fans are Ardeth fangirls/boys I instantly fell for the charming cowboy Henderson. But still, I could not imagine what type of woman would fit him. Then I found your story and oh my God did I enjoy reading it. And I honestly can't get enough. The way you portray the different characters and their relationships, situations or just a simple feeling in general...everything is just perfect. And Nerissa, quite extraoridinary name by the way, is a person you simply need to adore. Same goes for Indy :3
Don't stress yourself but I really hope you can update soon because I am so excited to read on how everything will turn out. I maybe have some ideas but the possibilities are endless and in the end you are the author and you're telling how the story will move on.

Keep up the good writing! I'm looking forward to the next chapter :3


P.S.: Sorry, if my English is bad. I'm from Germany :)
5/24/2014 c12 leebee14
Please keep going I love the concept of this story.

Ja Ne
4/17/2014 c12 22DarylDixon'sLover
Love it xxx
3/31/2014 c11 DarylDixon'sLover
Love it xxx
10/2/2013 c11 P.M
I really like your story ! :)
9/22/2013 c11 Apella
Awesome chapter!
9/19/2013 c10 Apella
I loved it!
7/14/2013 c2 Guest
imotep(andrew garfeild)is mummified alive 3000 years
2/5/2013 c9 Mistriss-Nightmare
I wish to read more! This is the first Henderson story I've read and actully like! Soooo on my favorites list quality. Please continue this!
11/22/2012 c5 The Swiftstar
Are you going to update soon? Or are you going to leave it?
11/22/2011 c9 The Swiftstar
Yay! An update!
10/30/2011 c8 Apella
I loved this chapter!
10/28/2011 c8 The Swiftstar
Go Indy!
10/22/2011 c7 2Laurafxox
Another brilliant chapter! :) I love the relationship between Hebderson and Nerissa! I can't wait for more fluffy stuff and how you manage to save Henderson if you choose to :)
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