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for Deltora's Sins

6/28/2012 c1 Guest
4/18/2012 c7 D
Quotes because I like it!

"Yay-I'm gonna' be sick!"

"Aww, your little robot boy's broken..."

"I'm runnin'-I'm runnin', I'm naked, And I'm Runnin'."

"You say weird like its a bad thing."


"I don't wanna behaaave and I'm don't wanna live up to your ssstandards."


"Let's go to my room pig!"

"Here you go, a skirt. Put it on. Now."

"When I sing, that place becomes my stage."


"What's that ball-shaped thing over there?"

Cat Valentine: She's so strong. 

Andre Harris: Dale gave us credit. 

Jade West: Even I feel bad. 

Tori Vega: We should do something. 

Cat Valentine: Waffles? 

Tori Vega: I like waffles. 

Jade West: Waffles are good. 

Andre Harris: I know a place. 

Tori Vega: Off we go.
4/18/2012 c5 D

"Moosey fate..."
4/18/2012 c4 D
That's ok!

Random quote time!

"Here you go, a skirt. Put it on. Now."

(Ps. A guy said that to two other guys!)
2/18/2011 c7 6BlackGryphon101
Seems like the Jalis were the only ones who tried to fight. Anyways great story.
5/22/2007 c7 gwen

that was cool and you have a good point, but it was short kind of foreboding, and not really a story. And I don't agree with the gold thimg for the Mere. More like blood-lust.

Anyways, you kept my attention the whole time, and this was (once again)cool.
11/28/2006 c1 2Dragon Kaiju Prince
I like how you linked the fall of the Tribes and such with the Seven Deadly Sins. I have a neat idea for a sequel, how about linking them also with the Seven Virtues (or Seven Heavenly Virtues) that counter the Seven Deadly Sins.
1/13/2006 c7 Guest
Good story! It makes sense how the seven tribes also fell to the seven sins.

7 tribes=7 gems=7 regions=7 dragons=7 sins

So many sevens.
1/7/2006 c5 4Obsidian Crystal

Sorry I haven't reviewed until now! I have been really busy and my brother's have been getting computer preference over me!

This is all so good, their great summaries and they send shivers down my spine!

Oh, and thankyou for dedicating the first chapter to me!

1/4/2006 c1 8Guardian of Atlantis
It's what I need for this side plot I'm making. I thank you for the inspiration
12/27/2005 c1 4Obsidian Crystal
Hi. It sounds like it could have HEAPS of potential, but I don't really know exactly where it is heading, maybe you should make your next chapter a bit more so we get an idea of what your trying to do. I know its drabble but why don't you give the drabble a bit of... zest? (sorry just watched "Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy")

But, KEEP IT UP! This fandom needs some love!


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