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for A Tale of Four Brothers

8/30/2019 c36 5fanclaire
A oui, j'ai oublié, je confime qu 'en France, McDonald's sert bien de la bière !
8/30/2019 c35 fanclaire
J'ai adoré votre histoire !Merci
J'ai adoré la façon dont Jack s'accroche désespérément à Bobby,malgré tout ce qu'il à vécu !
Bobby à été génial avec lui! un peu d'autorité ,même de petite sanction parfois , mais il lui à offert la sécurité ! Merci!
9/28/2017 c35 Kiranchou17
This sarcastic bobby is sooo hilarious! I don't think I've ever actually laughed out loud as much as I have when reading other stuff. Like in the one before this.. "it's like the blind leading the visually impaired" LOL
9/14/2017 c1 justanotherpezzonovante
I have read this fanfic (and part 2) all the way theough two times over the last year, and am about to go for a third round. This is by far the best Four Brothers fanfic out there. Totally captures the characters and I love the story arch. It gives and takes, pushes and pulls, and the balance in each and every relationship is REAL. Please update part 2 so I can have new stuff to read! And Thank You for writing this story.
3/24/2017 c1 59The Path of Supreme Conquest
Go stab yourself, Anthony
12/28/2016 c36 1IsleofAnarchy
Had to review to say the dynamics, the humor, and the way you got into a kid's head drew me in. This internal monologue, thing, you're good at. I loved the bit with the locked door. That made me laugh for a good while...
5/16/2016 c35 16Savy160
This was legitimately the best Four Brothers fanfic ever! I absolutely loved it! Your writing is so amazing and flawless :)
2/17/2015 c35 8lovemya2000
It Did Seem Like More Than A Week. Great Story. Good Characterization
2/17/2015 c31 lovemya2000
I'm Glad He Beat Kevin
2/17/2015 c26 lovemya2000
2/17/2015 c11 lovemya2000
Haha That Banter Over The Meal
2/17/2015 c6 lovemya2000
Love The Interaction Between Bobby And Jack
10/13/2014 c36 38Parnassus
Wow. This was incredible. I'm completely and totally in love with the "past" characters you've created here. Absolutely perfect. And I'm especially in love with the relationship you wrote between Jack and Bobby...it freaking tugged at my heartstrings so many times I just...gah. It was beautiful! I'm so damn happy there's more to read! Thank you so much for writing!
2/22/2014 c15 Guest
I love this fanfic so much!
6/19/2013 c36 luise
THIS FIC IS AMAZING! loved it so much, gonna read the sequel right now
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