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for Alice In Wonderland

2/12/2007 c1 3DarlingKittystar
Ah! I love this! Please tell you'll be updating this! I completely love the whole idea of this lol. It's so much fun! Please please update!
1/10/2006 c1 Aasha Shiratori
oh ! i see i'm not the olnly one with that idea ! lol i still thinking about a shadow hearts fic based on alice in wonderland.

but i don't know how atribuate thes roles. alice is esay and i i think that yuri woul be a great Mr Rabbit.

for the Heart Queen i thought about yuri lol ^^

anyway your fic is funny . i'm curious to read your next chapters. ( and sorry for the awfull mistakes. i'm french and my english is mad. )
1/2/2006 c1 Dave
Kool story u should continue
12/28/2005 c1 Mushy
Lovely start. The transition from the hotel room into another world was extremely smooth. You left with a cliffhanger, so I'll have to come back when you post more. ^_^
12/27/2005 c1 Becky Jarvis
This so well written. I like the start... a lot. =)
12/27/2005 c1 Ethereal Nebula
that's so funny. Hope you update soon. Alice in wonderland with shadow hearts characters. Lol is that funny or what :)
12/27/2005 c1 36MikoNoNyte
Alice In Wonderland, I thought when you mentioned this, oh no. But this is delightful! I'm not really sure what I expected, nothing positive I'm sure, but this is well written and shows just that touch of dreaminess to make me wonder, "is it real?" I even got a giggle out of the snoring Yuri...

I'll have to come back for the rest of this now you know!

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