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1/31/2006 c4 viola1990
I still prefer the one with the assasin. But anyway, nice one. Keep up with the good work.
1/22/2006 c4 611Ghostwriter
Very cool. But let me guess: it's the assassain Rachel, not the Ranger Rachel, right? I know exactly what you mean. School just started for me. Catch ya on the flip side.
1/22/2006 c4 2Nightlancer600
I really like this story. Update soon and Keep up the great work.
1/22/2006 c4 1Angel Spreckles
Wow. All of this is great! It's very, very interesting and the relationships between the characters are awesome. Plus, I'm really curious as to Silver's real name. :p

I can't wait for the rest! Enjoy your new year!

1/22/2006 c4 5BiccaBoo
Oh, wow. I really liked that chapter. I loved the whole 'call us by our names!' thing. It goes well. Update as soon as possible and i know also how school can drag you down! Lol... It seems to be sucking my soul...Oh, never mind. Oh yeah, have a great New Year. What year is it going to be? I'm a snake, i think! Lol. I'm going to stop now as i'm just blabbing...
1/20/2006 c3 Nicolet
OH WOW! Now that was totally awesome to read. You'd better update soon!
1/20/2006 c3 1viola1990
Each of your chapters are quite short. Luckily I'm not a Power Ranger Fan, or you'll be dead by now. Anyway, good enough to get a non-power-ranger-fan get attracted to it. Remember the reviews. I wouldn't want to collect your body at the end of the day. ^o^
1/14/2006 c3 1Angel Spreckles
Wow! This is good! I want to know Silver's name! When are you going to write more? Keep going - it's awesome!

1/7/2006 c3 611Ghostwriter
Very intriguing. Next chap soon please. Catch ya on the flip side.
1/7/2006 c3 5BiccaBoo
That was so good... but slightly confusing. Lol. Who was she talking too? Please update soon! I loved it...
1/1/2006 c2 611Ghostwriter
Very cool. Catch ya on the flip side.
1/1/2006 c2 5BiccaBoo
Oh, i like it. I know, the 3rd is so unfair. Lol. Update soon and by any chance is this idea from the film Elektra? It reminds me of that so much. Lol. Great Chapter!
12/30/2005 c1 1Angel Spreckles
Wow! I have to quote The Incredible "That was totally wicked!"

But seriously, I really really enjoyed it. Automatically I love Rachael, 'Knight' and Erika's relationships.

Keep going! I want to read more! :)

12/30/2005 c1 21Jeanka
That was really cool. You wrote it well.

My only question is what does this line mean?

""You idiot!” Erika spat angrily, “You're doing this on purpose isn't it!”"

I don't get the isn't it, or is it a mistake? Other than that, it was really good.

Looking forward to more.
12/29/2005 c1 BlueCrimson4Ever
Wow EXCELLENT start,can't wait for more!
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