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for Breathless

5/29/2011 c2 Guest
Umm, the story was not bad, kind of cute but it needed to be longer. I will ask the important question, what on earth happens now? Does oliver get confronted? Does he feel bad about stabbing Harry? Does he get punished?Do Harry and Draco start dating? We don't know any of these things because you ended the whole thing way too soon!
9/16/2006 c3 1wulfie-squeeker
you had best update this fic i really liked it I REALLYREALLY REALLY sinister pause REALLY LIKED IT!
9/16/2006 c3 sin
i really would love to finish reading your story so place email it to me if you can . =) i would love to see what happends =)

8/9/2006 c2 kit fox
nice and its ok (puts away pichfork)i like it ^_^
5/13/2006 c2 18Snufflur
I found it, didn't I? See, ok...

It was really good. You should keep writing and crud like that...

I don't like reviewing but I did it just for you my little pixie XD

Smell ya later

1/23/2006 c2 fishay
definately continue it, its a great start, dead sexy man.
1/12/2006 c2 2QueenB23
i love it. I cant wait for more. Draco is so sweet. HArry i assume is not a virgin right. Anyway i love it. Hope Draco kills Oliver. even if i like him. I love Draco. Cant wait for more.
1/5/2006 c2 pomon1388
Welcome to life of being an author on

Congratulations for posting your first story.

It seems like it will develop into a good story. The only thing I can recommend is that you should slow down with your plot line. It seems like you're moving at a fast pace. Other than that, your story seems very good.

Good luck and Happy Writing!

Sincerly Yours.

1/3/2006 c2 Sandy
Good second chapter :] But the whole thing with Draco confessing his love for Harry seemed a bit rushed. Not that I don't like it, but it just seemed a bit hurried, is all.

I like reading your work, so good luck, please continue!
1/2/2006 c2 Lubbleeone
orh! so are they thirteen? cause thats was oliviers last year
1/1/2006 c2 1FuNsIzEdKiTtY
hey great story may i ask how you thouth of it please tell me i need help getting my two stories going thanx
12/31/2005 c1 rabbit-kun
where did oliver get the knife? it was a little jittery in places but otherwise this fiction rocks. Keep it up and OMG draco fainted?

continue please
12/30/2005 c1 6dulosis
definitely continue
12/30/2005 c1 12Hermione 'DB' Granger
Interesting fic. I like a lot of what you did - expanding on and exploring Harry's insecurities, which you did very realisitically. I thought Oliver's sudden shift could have done with a bit more justifying, as it's a massive step he's taking. You also never really explained how Harry wound up in Draco's bed... The emotional intensity was really well done though, and I liked it.

Think it works best as a one shot.

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