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1/16 c24 Guest
Oh snap
epic music and up there someone is grinning and laugh8ng a ton!
And that teaser blurb sounds really cool to read.
1/16 c23 Guest
"Well you can clean it up!"

lo lol, fair point
1/16 c22 Guest
When Shino finished his words, felt teary and wished for that too. her words she left behind is some comfort, but all her stories, thought they would never end. Guess they still won’t if they are repeated
1/16 c21 Guest
1/16 c19 Guest
Real talk, real objective revealed
1/16 c17 Guest
1/16 c14 Guest
yikes. Forget Sasuke,s jaw, his pride about died right there. Brutal, but more so making fun of someone who almost died
1/16 c14 Guest
If shikamaru was here, "troublesome"
1/16 c12 Guest
OH MY GOSH SHINO, that was a sick move and sneaky sneaky. AW YEHA
1/16 c11 Guest
I like that introspection of Kiba, and him and Naruto having similar roles, feeling similar. Maybe they can be buddies, after all. chuunin exams fostering that Leaf teamwork!
1/16 c10 Guest
Dude, their Waves mission, so rough, so sad to think Tazuna gone and the friendship with I forgot the little kid, sorry man. Glad they all got back safely, and hope it brings them closer together. Haku talked to Sasuke, and he's still alive! Glad Kakashi didn’t end him, strange, though cause he asked..he had pity and mercy?
1/16 c9 Guest
Narutoo, this chapter is sos o good!
Lee! Gai-Sensei! they all make me so happy!
1/16 c8 Sonny
Revelations, indeed
TEAM 83 wonder how the other genin are
Facing her father again
3 Shino:))
1/16 c7 Guest
Hinata's team is so sweet. And I’m glad other people appreciate her kindness and make her feel seen, even if some don’t.

The mystery with Hanabibis really interesting!
1/16 c5 Guest
I am ready to read Hyuuga versus Team 8. I guess it’s Hinata's right, tho, but they’re ready!
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