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for i can't help fallin in love w you

1/16/2008 c2 2magic drack
it wasnt horible... it was fun and a little quick but not horible. try slowingit down a bit. i look forward to the next chapter.
1/15/2008 c1 magic drack
this was an interesting story i enjoyed my self.
7/2/2006 c2 4divinexrapture
Please, just stop writing-for the good of the whole world. I'm serious, you would be doing us an immense favor.
7/1/2006 c2 Katherine
i really liked it,you describe things well. i could almost feel harry's nervousness. (is that a word?) keep up the good writing!
6/28/2006 c2 katie
heyy i found the link on ur myspace... its good, but sex on the first day? anywayz... yeah ok btw stop putting author notes n just write it! even if the song isnt there ppl arent going to care bc they'll think u meant to make it like that.

i also realized... remember those fanfics u showed me last summer of harry n draco and i got really grossed out? well, sry cus i didnt know about ur orientation then, but i dont think anyone should write about sex in so much detail lol wait u didnt write them, did u? sry again if u did but yeah... ok ill c u tomorrow @ summer show :D
1/16/2006 c1 5koolmint26
yes draco has to think of him in that way because we all love it muhahah
1/4/2006 c1 1lil inu chibi
please tell me thats not it!
1/3/2006 c1 2draco-lover-bluefire
hey!Great story

Listen,about our story,I'm a bit tied up at the mo,caz school just started n its really hectic.so,it'll b a little while,kay?

and hey,I posted a new chapter on my story,please r& r!

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