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10/13/2017 c2 3gemini malfoy78
Everything seemed rushed. Please update soon
3/16/2015 c2 oliviabensonlovesvu1
Plz update
6/22/2011 c1 nicole
I am very much an AO fan Alex/Olivia so if you could write lots of those that would be great lol but htis story is kool too
2/27/2011 c2 VanillaBlonde
Uhm..sorry,but it's not like: Sweetie,I wanna have a Baby! Okay Honey,lets have one. Next day...

Too much dialog for my taste and yes,you rushed it "a bit".
11/7/2006 c1 lilyjane
a little rushed but still good

if u like tried to make it long it wud just get too long anyway and personally i like shorter stories better

very nice
8/18/2006 c2 The Mind's Eye
A really good start. Update soon!
6/4/2006 c1 2storiedtales
this is defintitly (SP) a different pairing. I don't think i have seen one like this before i'd like to see where you go with it so please update soon.
1/17/2006 c1 7necar
Please Update ! It's so a nice story ;)
1/9/2006 c1 1Criss-CrossSVU
that is a great story can't wait for more plz update
1/4/2006 c1 49Orange Bulldog
Unusual pairing, which can be hard to write, especially jumping in with them already together. I wish you luck though, I'm interested to see where you're going with it.

Generally fanfic is written in past tense. There's no real reason it can't be in present like this, but just to warn you it's a bit jarring. And also on the technical front, periods are your friends. Use them.

And this may be because it's a prologue, but it seems rather rushed. Especially since it's so unusual we are all gonna want more details.
1/2/2006 c1 3beloved06
This is interesting but I feel like you've rushed through it.

Melinda/Olivia pairings are rare so I'm interested in this.
1/2/2006 c1 12MY-LOVE-IS-STRONG

Thank you for your reviews. I like this alot,and it is new. I have not read any stories with melinda and olivia. continue. I will be updating hidden secerts soon.

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