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for Harry Potter and the Joining of Destinies

9/17 c16 Guest
Good story
1/10 c15 Guest
I don't feel that Harry gave Hermione or their friendship nearly enough of a chance.
1/10 c12 Guest
Does Harry even know that his "parents" are dead in his precious future time?
1/9 c4 Guest
So this story has nothing whatsoever to do with the HP universe? I clicked on this story to read about Harry and thought that after he spent some time in this weird other universe he'd actually return home and the story would get started. Instead we're stuck here for years and years and decades and battles left, right, and center and more years and ugh.
10/24/2020 c7 Guest
Minor correction: Lews Therin was not 161 years old near the end of the War of Power. He was 400.
8/16/2020 c16 gginsc
Well, hell and damnation! No sequel!
1/26/2019 c10 7HarryPotterFangirl85
Well, I know I’ve made it more than halfway through this story, but I still don’t feel invested in the characters. Maybe if I was more familiar with the world this crossover involves I would like it more, but I generally detest crossovers and I just tried reading this on a lark.
It is well written though and many things were interesting and I do like your Harry, but not enough for me to keep reading it to the end...
5/9/2018 c16 1Jimbocous
Thanks for a great read. Really enjoyed it.
4/19/2018 c2 Guest
To me WoT means World of Tanks
1/19/2018 c15 15Saissa
I have never read any of the Wheel of Time books. I prefer sci fi rather than fantasy.

But this story was good!
4/30/2017 c16 nljfs
Just wanted to say that I enjoyed this story very much. Thanks for writing it. I'm sorry that there's no sequel, though.
12/10/2016 c3 1Astronauts
The only problem I have with this is the names. Names in the Second age were apparently a massive deal. You're born with two names, and then you earn your third. Harry, by being a time traveler, was born with three names then given a fourth when he was adopted. They wouldn't have done this. He'd probably be Harry Telamon, or even Har'ri Telamon if you wanted to make it sound foreign. Harry James Potter Telamon just sounds ridiculous and could be considered offensive to the people of the Age of Legends, as you apparently have to do something pretty important for humankind to be awarded a third name.
11/3/2016 c16 BumpsInTheNight
Prior to this story, the only knowledge I had of the WoT series was from my failure to finish a different crossover. I almost didn't read it, not because the other story was bad or any reason to do with yours, I just wasn't sure I could be into the series at all. I'm so glad that I read this though. I do wish it hadn't ended with the sequel setup and disappointment, but I still loved it. The characters, the fights, the story, as a general whole I just loved it all. Thank you for sharing your work. You really did a wonderful job. I can only think of one thing that gave me pause while reading (and it's not a big deal at all, had probably been mentioned, and it's been a long time since you finished so... but anyway) didn't the Potter will say to put Harry with the Greengrass family and then they joined Voldemort? I just couldn't imagine that those two could happen together. But anything is possible with enough time or strain, I guess. Sorry to throw in a silly nitpick. It didn't ruin the story or anything, I just had to stop for a second to wonder. (And I didn't go back to check so it's totally possible that I'm dumb)
7/8/2016 c14 2thonez
This story was made much worse by using naive logic of just use lethal spells/muggle it breaks premise of first half story. Why should Harry bother with one power when he could simply use guns?

Thats bad for action stories due to doylist perspective as it creates pretty short stories. Then wizards shouldn't bother with wands/spells except invisibility one and get weapons by confounding nearest army base. You should replace each figthting scene by just two sentences:

And Harry hidden under his invisibility cloak pulled trigger of his trusty M134 minigun. Ten seconds and 600 bullets later all death eaters were dead.

That would kill all death eaters within week unless Voldemort would be more capable than your iq 60 cartoon villian. He would answer by placing army base under imperius and fight for him. Bonus points for using 500lb bombs in moleskin pouch like hand granades.
3/15/2016 c7 2Exivus
How do Harry and his friends come and go from Grimauld place without knowing the secret of the fidelius?
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