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3/21/2013 c7 Princess Pouty
I forgot what the episode was called but it was when Iroh was in his DIY hot tub naked and Zuko said it was time to leave but then covered his eyes when Iroh stands up,yeah,make a blooper that goes like this:
zuko:UNCLE! Come on! It's time to go!
Iroh:Aww,but I like my hot tub...
zuko: :(
Iroh:alright alright *stands up*
zuko:thank you...BLEH! *barfs because fat uncle is naked* SIT BACK DOWN SIT BACK DOWN! AW MAN I'M SCARED FOR LIFE!
iroh:hehe...I WANT TEA! *rampage*
1/4/2012 c7 Kataang4ever
Kataang bloopers!you have got to make blooper of them!just...PLEASE?
12/17/2009 c7 Anonymous
11/3/2007 c7 1CherryChocolate

Zuko: "I'll save you from the pirates!"


Katara, (tied to a tree): Go and jump to a river. I will never betray my friends!

Zuko: I need to capture the Avatar to restore something I've lost.

(Dramatic look to the river).

"My honor."

(moves behind Katara).

"And maybe in exchange I can restore something you've.." (searches something from his pockets. ("Damn it!")

Does an... activity behind her.

"As I was saying, something you have lost..."

Katara: "My m... (confused frown.)

My hair-loopy pins?"


Iroh (in german accent): "Cut! Zuko! Vat are you doing? You've lost your honor AND her mother's necklace? How can I make a series like this? How should I explain it to Brian and Micheal? AH? It seems to me that you've lost your memory too!

Oh, this industry is bad for my stomach...

Can SOMEBODY make me a cup of tea? No, better make it two cups.

Where's the script now... oh. I've lost it.
1/20/2007 c7 Flaming INK
wow...either youre a comic genius...or reely bored...or a combination of the two...KUDOS!
11/20/2006 c7 5Neassa
Zutara blooper! That would be awesome! You should do one off of the 'Waterbending Scroll' episode! That'd be really cool, update soon, please!
11/8/2006 c7 3To.Be.Indeed
Dude! It took me a while, but I finally came up with one! Remember the waterbending teacher episode? At the end when Master Pakku traps Katara in that cage of ice spears, causing her to loose the fight, that's where it is. Maybe he accidentaly cuts it a little too close when he drops them... those water tribe clothes tear pretty easily. I'll let you do the rest.

Got a little excited there... can't tell if it's really funny or if it's the fact that I thought of one. Allow me to save face in advance, if you will.
11/7/2006 c7 25Patience Halliwell
Ha! Cute. Well, I would love to help you with beta. Send me your story if you would like and I'll try to revise it as soon as possible
11/6/2006 c7 47Tomboy 601
Please do Kataang. I love Katang. Bloopers are funny though.
11/6/2006 c7 9Kaze Tsukai Kagura
YEAH! AN UPDATE! w00t! Good work! I thought you'd never update!
11/5/2006 c7 1showeringtiger7
I think you should do one from the episode 'Imprisoned.' Remember when Katara found out that Haru had been kidnapped, and dropped the pot full of water and it smashed? I think you should have it drop on her foot and I think you can think up the rest of it.
11/5/2006 c4 showeringtiger7
FUNNY! Poor Sokka!
11/5/2006 c3 showeringtiger7
That was sad. Poor Katara.
11/5/2006 c2 showeringtiger7
All I can say is HILARIOUS!
11/5/2006 c1 showeringtiger7
Hahahahahaha That was funny!
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