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8/17/2012 c3 23auritas
Is this abandoned or not? I see that it's been updated a long time ago, but this is an AWESOME fanfiction. PLEASE CONTINUE! This is one of the fraction of Deltora fanfics NOT about the Lief and Jasmine affair, which really appeals to me. Once again:

7/19/2010 c3 Fellfire
i'm gonna read it!
11/29/2008 c1 1Golmere Verns
I really liked this whole sequence! I like how you put this part in Dain's POV. Keep writing!
5/30/2006 c3 4happen0stance
Yummy, I liked this chapter, well actually I liked the whole Deltora King Sequence, probably the third one the best when they were under the tree, that one was sweet, there is definetly not enough Deltora slash going around so I dearly congradulate thee on your story, bows down to thee. Cha
1/10/2006 c3 Evil Black Reviewer
Far I hate Yaoi. The day when Dain and Lief get together will be the day when Deltora becomes a real country. Conclusion it ain't going to happen. I hate that couple. This story is weird
1/8/2006 c1 9GenerationZ

This was cool, a nice addition to the story. Though, Dain was a ol. He wouldn't have felt any guilt or sadness towards any of them because he was plotting to, well kill them.

Great attempt though. Was very close to the book.

Well done.

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