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for A Chance to Start Over

4/6/2017 c6 2yarnfan4life
love it please write more
4/29/2014 c2 magicallyweird07
I'm glad that all of his stuff and his pets managed to survive the final battle when no one else did.
10/21/2013 c6 TyDragon30
6/30/2011 c6 Saturnblue
In this last chapter it showed if isn't for Harry from the AU world coming to this world the orders will most likely not get a alliance. It will be fun to see how Harry and co to uproot the traitor in their mist. Sister of NEvile seem to be a spy of sort and will be consistently watched for evidence. The Vampires are awesome in this story. Are u going to post how they became friends/family with each other. (The vampire nation and Harry)
12/22/2010 c6 AddictedtoHPForever
11/3/2010 c6 bananacupcakes
please update soon :)
7/14/2010 c6 16Bloodfire87
YIPE! Great work on the story line I absolutely can't wait to see what happens next...I only have one suggestion for you. You may want to consider adding more detail to what the differences are between worlds like flashbacks for the memories that they shared not to mention the different characteristics of the different Boys-Who-Lived...My personal opinion its like a kid who has not reached their full potentinal, please don't take this as a negative criticism I love your story and can't wait to see the next chapter...Also I vote no pairings if those are the choices...yeah deffinately no pairing...Cheers!

9/1/2009 c6 TempestReign
great story! i like it!
8/9/2009 c6 Cassandra30
Intriguing story.
8/9/2009 c5 Cassandra30
Hee hee! Way to go, Harry!
8/9/2009 c4 Cassandra30
Yes! Well Neville is a bit conceited. Is it possible that it is Harry of this time who is doing it anyway unconsciously?
8/9/2009 c3 Cassandra30
Another good chapter. I like the way this story is going.
8/9/2009 c2 Cassandra30
Actually not a bad chapter. It can be difficult to get things to come out the way you want them to.
8/9/2009 c1 Cassandra30
Excellent start!
7/6/2009 c6 11goldacharmed
I really like this story. t could use some improvement. For example a beta and don't put an authors note in the middle of the story. It runes the chance of the reader getting sucked it. Save it for the end of the chapter. I really like your story so far. Does the fact that Harry is a Phoenix mean he is immortal? I love it when people do it that way. Anyway please update soon. I cant wait to see what happens next. Later dude.
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