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for A Chance to Start Over

1/15/2006 c2 gonehome2
good start to a good story i hope please update!
1/14/2006 c2 little mimi
good chapter! cant wait to see how they react
1/7/2006 c2 7The Enchanted Cheesy Soybean
wow...I've been looking for a good story like this. Bravo! Excellent plot.
1/7/2006 c2 8No.names.availible
A bit cliche, but a fun start. ^_^ I look forward to reading about their expressions and how they deal with the situation. Good work.
1/7/2006 c1 little mimi
great start! but I think you should you make the chapters longer, update soon!
1/4/2006 c1 7cooroo
nice first chapter! Harry's right... is the victory worth all that was lost? It's cool... I can't wait too see Sirius and Remus and everyone!
1/4/2006 c1 Never Odd Or eveN
great start, i'm loven the plot, can't wait to see what happens, update ASAP
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