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5/29/2009 c6 XxEphemeralEpiphanyxX
cool story but everyone is excepting Harry too easily, and Harry i s adapting too easily. Especially around Sirius(and possibly Remus) who had died in his world. Keep in writing!

4/23/2009 c5 ryan
the story is pretty good.
2/28/2009 c6 10StormBrisingr
1/25/2009 c6 Sylkie
Update? Please? I love your fic! I especially liked how Harry was messing with the prince, lol! :)
1/3/2009 c6 honore
Are you doing anymore with this? IT has potential. Looking forward to more. Thanks
11/19/2008 c6 DragonFire Princess
Love the story, Hope you update ASAP!
11/8/2008 c6 2Yahari
Poor Leander, having Harry tease him like that with the King. I really hope that you decide to continue this story because I am very interesting in seeing where you go with it, though I understand the stress and time limitations school and homework can have. PLEASE UPDATE!
11/8/2008 c5 Yahari
Wow, Neville's sister a possible deatheater canidate? Awesome! Loved the introduction of Leander, he seems to be a very interesting character. Please, please, please update!
11/8/2008 c4 Yahari
Not much going on in this chapter I guess, but it did give the readers (myself inclueded) some good background information on the dimension and on harry himself. please continue.
11/8/2008 c3 Yahari
Interesting how you had Dobby and other magic creatures able to recognize harry, it should be facinating to see how it will effect the story as a whole. I think that the acceptance from Harry's family and Dumbledore was rather sudden and irrational, but I understand that if you had tried to make it more believable it would have taken forever to write and probably would have become very tedious. Either way, this story is still captivating my interest. I would be extremely happy if you updated it!
11/8/2008 c2 Yahari
Wow, hedwig as a midnight pheonix! Sounds pretty. I also liked the switch to Dumbledore's pov, stories can sometimes seem monotonus if the pov of character's voice/tone stays constant for too long. Thanks for writing this and I hope you get some more interesting ideas.
11/8/2008 c1 Yahari
Cool idea, I also love 'Harry is sent to an alternate dimension' stories and I am vastly interested in how your's will differ from others on this site. Please continue this story!
10/27/2008 c6 5Global Conquest-er
Heh! This story looks really good! Please update! Thanks!
9/19/2008 c6 22happy-rea
wo this story rocks. i love the way that every magic creatre harry met before knows who he is. i haven't seen that before and it works really well. Kepp going 4 this story rocks!
9/8/2008 c6 Ewytom
This is so cool. I love how harry meets himself and is after the war, also that harry is powerful too. Love this lol Update soon :D
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