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7/29/2006 c19 Illyra
Interesting end. All are alive and happy. I think its not your best chapter, but I understand that you wish to end this story and I hope, writing it was as much fun for you, as reading was for me.
7/24/2006 c19 Jesse
This is the best fan fiction ever! it's my utmost favorite! you have to continue writing others, your writing is just so Bloody brilliant! i don't think any one will forget this story!

7/24/2006 c7 23musicalmidget
Great story! I love it!
7/23/2006 c19 SailorHecate
That ending was fantastic! I really enjoyed this story.
7/23/2006 c19 3marauders4
*melts into puddle of goo* Wonderful! One of the best stories I've ever read...ever! I'm so sad it's over though...Guess that means you'll have to write something else to keep me happy. *wink, wink*
7/23/2006 c19 Daleeria
Nevermind killing you, I think some would like to just bury you alive... Don't worry though, I'm just going to kidnap you and make you write super-cute stories for me! ^_^
6/11/2006 c18 Illyra
Hey! I wait for the next chapter! I love your story and your AU

bits are very well written. Poor Ron. I mean, he´s not the brightest boy, but he stands to Harry. (Most times)
5/30/2006 c18 Harold Diggory
WOW WOW WOW! Such an awesome story! and long too! Wonderful characterization! Although the name "Kaist" kinda bothers me - PLEASE DON'T KILL ME! - your story is flawless! But just clear things up a bit. Orion is a few years older than Harry and Kaist is more or less the same age as Harry right? And Hogwarts had a kindergarten? Just wondering since Hogwarts admitted 11 yr olds and Orion went to Hogwarts when he was pre-pubescent. Or am I reading your story completely wrong?

other than that..LOVES IT! LOVES IT!
5/14/2006 c18 sam
are you going to wriht more? PLEASE! wriht more soon it's very good,please.
5/11/2006 c18 death-by-inkpen
Love your story! Keep it up!
4/27/2006 c18 33Captain Oz
I like updates. Sorry, the computer screen is dancing in front of my eyes (I should really sleep). And I like the protectiveness of Orion. Is Hedwig actually Lily? Or is that sleep deprived induced (yes that makes sense) mania? Um... when you said Daniel Longwell's name had a twist, my perverted brain sniggered. Sorry.

*hugs* Hope you are ok with the break. *sends love*
4/27/2006 c18 20California smells funny
You're back! *Squee* Sorry about your sad news... but I'm glad you're sticking with this, as it's a great story.
4/24/2006 c17 nee
heya! i have been reading this story for the past couple of hours non stop, it's bloody addictive! words alone can not do this justice, it is so bloody fantastic! I'm a huge lover of Sirius and Remus and it's hard to find a well written story that convey's the characters and their love so beautifully! this story has made me cry, laugh uncontrollably, cringe, worry (and nearly throw things at compy for t.b.c sign lmao)the plot is very well written and it has me in fits trying to guess the next turn but it always gets me lol, the angst in parts is enough to make any of us who read this go insane lol, and i was sitting there grinning manaically when old voldie got it back im like ehhehehhee then i was teary cos james and lily died... poor harry and than sirius goes and runs off im like yelling no u moron noo! ( i was secretly hoping u wouldn't be mean and put it in lol) i don't think i could say this enough but i LOVE this story and hope u update really, really soon! (is really begging on knees for more *puppy dog eyes* plz)keep up the awsome story!


ps, this had me in absolute fits of laughter, " Sirius! I want this baby out and I want it out now!” Remus demanded. “Can’t we light a fire and smoke the thing out?” ROTFLMAO hehehe
4/15/2006 c17 sess'ies
ron is okay so yes
4/15/2006 c17 31raindrops on roses7
I'm in LURV with Ron! (Don't worry, I don't hate you for hating him... too much.) This chapter actually made me cry!
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