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1/1/2010 c3 darkangel0212
keep up the good work on your story
8/17/2008 c28 13Xx-New.Moon.Lover-xX
love your story! dude, you havnt updated since January? SHAME SHAME! crushing ur readers
3/24/2008 c28 stevie dee
really good chapter never thought the boys would ever give in to go shopping to anyone! that was really nice of them but what next? will there be more fluffyness and will there be some family bonding between shippo, kagome and inuyasha? Especially between shippo and inuyasha since shippo considers kagome his mom now. aww so cute... please please update soon i wanna see what happens next and who was that in the bushes watching them last chapter...
1/23/2008 c28 stevie dee
aww such a cute chapter. i love how everyone was helping mrs. higurashi out with furnishing the new house. Who knew inu and sesshy could be so swet lol! hmm was someone watching them? like kagura, naraku or kags' crazy grandpa? such a wonderful stroy and i love how everyone was all together and helping, never though inu would like to help lol. please please update as soon as you can, this story is good and i love it so far cant wait for it to be finished!
1/22/2008 c28 17Illidan the Half Demon
Ah, that was a cute chapter. Things seem to be moving forward for the group at the least now. Still, one has to wonder about the person with red eyes that was watching them last chapter... Great job on this chapter though! I'm looking forward to reading more!
12/1/2007 c27 stevie dee
wow, this is the best so far, first a new house that has been kept in secret and the relationships great! whats next though and who was it that fluffy saw? naraku or kagura? or is it someone new? and how is shippo gonna be able to handle the drama and how is he involved? whats next? i so cant wait for this to completed. i hope you update soon this is a really good story and i hope it gets finished soon.
11/21/2007 c27 stevie dee
hey this is an awesome story so far, its really good love this chapter finally the suspense has ended but what now? whats gonna happen next now that they have moved? really need to update please and soon would be great for this is a good story and i would hate to not know whats the ending gonna be. please finish this story its really good
11/1/2007 c27 9xXbleedingXheartzxX
wow that was a great chapter and your story is reat too plz up date soon
9/22/2007 c27 1Jemzet A Heart Broken Angel
please update soon...
8/23/2007 c1 1Fallen Vampire From Hell
yo songo is sango
8/20/2007 c27 2Moriko no Hikari
Dun dun dun! Did you know that coke-a-cola and pepsi are both classified as toxic waste when transported in syrup form? Also, police use it to clean blood off the road after car accidents.

Scary but true.
8/19/2007 c7 Moriko no Hikari
This is nice.
5/14/2007 c27 stevie dee
hey u have a great story so far, but really u need to update! so please please update soon, i wanna know what happens next after they move out! u have me curious here and u havent updated in while, please do so.
4/12/2007 c27 inuLkagome
i can't belive that grmaps would do that to his family. inuaysha and sess should of yelled at him. i hope they get a good new home. srry about the family problem i hope it was anything really bad. update soon please!
3/15/2007 c27 steviedee
hey good story, but really, u need to update. srry for the family problems hope everything is ok. u have a great story here and i really enjoy reading it for it cracks me up at times and reminds me of me at some points. keep up the good work on it and if u could please update it soon, its too good to leave at this kind of cliffy. happy spring time as well.
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