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for A Kiss is Worth A Thousand Words

8/14/2008 c1 DemzLovatic
I liked it! I loved it!

Niceness! Sweetness!

Awesome! And...

PC(please continue)

4/9/2008 c1 10Yoshiyuki Ly
Short but sweet. I liked it.
12/9/2007 c1 19XxAutumnLacexX
Totally Awesome! It was...different. But AWESOME!

3/2/2007 c1 make more
make tis story multiple chapters dood!

it is so fruckin' awesomes i love it.

i also like your chrismas one!1

as i promised before you get cookies?

anonymous guy from mars?
6/16/2006 c1 Andi

That was so freakin' adorable i almost had to go find someone to hug!

it was really cute, good job! *claps*
1/28/2006 c1 Mikau102389
Awesome job AND NO your stories aren't getting repetitive. Could you write more chapters of this or of your other stories, thanks!
1/8/2006 c1 10Absolut Asian
I have not read too many of your fics...so I wouldn't know if they are getting repetitive. Ah well. Can't concentrate right now. But the "curtain falls" ending, good. Good story.

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