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for A Cinderella Story: Behind These Hazel Eyes

2/2/2009 c3 595Ghostwriter
Keep it up. Catch ya on the flip side.
12/22/2006 c1 1loveoverduty
har har. my name is tiffany. lol
7/24/2006 c1 Tiffany
hey im in the story lol this is crazy :P

5/3/2006 c3 5izeebella
Cute! (I so hope you plan to add some conflict! A problem of some kind! Just to give the story somewhere to go.)
5/1/2006 c3 28JustWriter2
Yay! Nice ending! If there was a threat to their relationship, then you would have made a threatening cliffy, so I assume that you're done right?

5/1/2006 c3 A-taichou
Thats really good please update soon.

5/1/2006 c3 OTHlover04
this is good!
5/1/2006 c2 whatever101
Hmm really nice, but this is actually my third time reading it when I came back... Could you update soon? Please and thank you!
4/8/2006 c2 charlie
lovin it, please update!
4/5/2006 c2 5izeebella
I like this story! I hope future chapters have less song lyrics and more interaction between Tiffany and Danny though. But I love the cute bit at the end, I'm a sucker for corny happy bits! Keep up the good work :)
3/27/2006 c1 Shaggy Doo
Shaggy and Doo here!

Shagg Shaggy wagg waGGY DOO!HERE IZ YOUZ!

doo=we gotz som work to do now!

shaggy=shutty upy

doo=sorry worry.

shaggy=now to review!



doo=sorry.No,you're god.

shaggy=eh...not really.

doo=peace out!
3/8/2006 c2 Baby-Atemu
Aw... that was soo cute... i liked this chapter... Please update soon...

Thank You...

2/14/2006 c2 28JustWriter2
and the crowd goes wild!

I loved it! What's funny though is I found this a day or two ago and now you've updated. Weird huh?

2/14/2006 c2 Amanda
That was a good chapter. I cant wait foer more
2/13/2006 c2 OTHlover04
that was good!
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