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for Two Months of Fear

5/11/2014 c15 mamita
Hello, I liked your fic, hopefully upload soon more chapters, Hermione and Harry is silly , and I do not like couples with Charlie , really I just like Charlie with Ron hehe, and everyone always takes the side of Harry , and Ron , who?, my favorite couple of all this series or movie is CharliexRon , although it's a shame there are not many fics of them , Harry is silly, that bad are all with Ron , Harry always , and think what you may think or feel Ron?, Ron is worth more than you think and think , you think Harry this, Harry that, but never see Ron , not even his family , are fools , I here love the relationship of Harry with Ron , because in the end Harry and others have noticed Ron and what it Ron and what he feels, and I'm glad who here has not been heterosexual couples , because I do not like at all , at least not here , I'm sorry you put more POVs of others like it, not just Harry or Ron , but also Charlie and Bill or twins, I like to see what they think of Ron , often pork is Draco , and although I like the relationship of Draco Ron , passed , poor Ron , here Ron is passed , it is true , of all they have done more miserable, I love Ron , but sometimes it happens , Harry passed also , when it is assumed that these two are inseparable, and very close, I love the slash incest Ron and his brothers, fraternal or is also , or couples with Harry provided that Ron is the submissive , not for nothing , but I like it like that, except Ginny, I do not like her, I do not like the straight with Ron , and less if Hermione , hehe , very silly at times , the end sought by himself the trouble, but hey , I hope you do more of Ron fics because it's a shame there are not many, still , so thanks and kisses.
11/12/2008 c15 2zaz14 is potter mad
i need to know what happens

please tell me

really good story
10/10/2008 c15 10mevanoui
Oh no, not the end!

Please update soon, i will get mad. lol. I really like your story. I'll put an alert on your fic. I don't want to miss.


Sorry for my poor english
4/14/2008 c15 Tasha
update soon plz?

both love and hate the suspence.


3/8/2008 c15 Rose
ee, please update soon
9/9/2007 c15 43JaceDamian23
omfg i love this story

nice job

poor ron and percy and fred

"Oh, Percy and I are going to Diagon Ally. Since everyone was going to be busy getting stuff for the wedding, and the rest of the guys are going to be working. I was going to be here alone so I asked him if he wanted to go out with me. He said ‘Yes.’ so we are going to Diagon Ally after everyone leaves." I said happily.

Bill looked very happy that Percy and I were going to go out with each other. "That's good. Just be careful, okay?" He warned

kinda keep saying 'go out with me' im not sure if that is a date

the way your writing it sounds like it is

aw draco raped ron:(

UGH oliver and percy like eachother:(

Now that it was over Ron sighed in relief and began to cry like every time this happened. Ron didn’t love Draco like Draco said he loved him. No, Ron didn’t want any of this. He didn’t want it.

if draco loved ron...he'd not rape him

Oh, come off it you two.” Percy said as he pushed both Bill and Charlie out of the way.

“Bombarda!” Percy said as the door broke.

“ And that is why I was top of my class.”

“Oh, please don’t gloat now Percy we have a job to do.” Oliver said as they ran into the cabin.

6/9/2007 c15 1talley67
An update! Awesome. Poor Fred. Hope Ron's where they are. Have a sneaky suspicion though.
1/2/2007 c14 talley67
Hope this means we the readers are in for a good year with this story since you updated. Thanks!
7/28/2006 c12 talley67
Glad to see updates. But where's the Ron and Draco story? I think only two chapters had any interaction between them. But I do like your story and can't wait to see what happens.
5/21/2006 c11 Mo0ony808
OMG your alive LOL , im sorry that you have been grounded from the computer , my parents always say that im grounded from the copmuter but thay never do it , please , PLEASE update soon ... and dont get grounded :P
3/5/2006 c10 153Asher Elric
I feel like Da javu'!
1/18/2006 c9 a reader
This is one of the best works that I've ever read, minus Ron's worst moments with Malfoy. It kept me reading till the end and has touched me emotionally. Hope Ron survives and Malfoy will get the ill treatment that he truly deserves later on. Please update soon.

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