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7/10 c36 RatherFabulous
Hm, yyyeaaaahhh, but...Ms. Skeeter won't last long enough to publish too very many stories.
No loss, of course, but Ms. Granger is setting Skeeter directly under the flyswatter of a known Arch-Villain. (He just needs a kneazle to pet while he plots. He already has the son who hates him, and we know that he likes those shiny clothes.)
Hermione shouldn't congratulate herself on her engineered character-assassination plot JUST yet.
7/9 c33 RatherFabulous
Also, re: the previous chapter's "Cavern of Time" reveal: Harry, you're making a crap-ton of assumptions before you've even been given all of the relevant information.
Dude, don't do that. Most assuredly, don't do that if you intend to plan a military campaign.

Aaand, having reached the bottom of THIS chapter, yah, these assumptions are right bastids, ain't they? How on earth could Dobby have MISSED THAT? At this moment, House-Elf Magic Mojo is looking a bit, hmmm, unseasoned, maybe? They haven't had to really do war and espionage in a minute, have they?
However, I HAVE been going on about making assumptions. On to the next big moment.
7/9 c32 RatherFabulous
Ya know, if someone had told ME that long ago, the elves had built a "teaching cave" around a cave that had existed since a time beyond memory that was called "The Cavern of Time", my first question would've been "Uh...are there any world-boss wizards sealed up in that thing, waiting to return? Name start with "M" ring a bell? 'Cause if so, I wanna run out and buy a pickaxe. Or maybe there's a dragon named Nozdormu living there?"
('Cause, "Morte de Arthur" and World of Warcraft. Just sayin'. Well, more "Once and Future King" than a computer MMORPG, but it's the wiz-world, so who knows?)

Also...Ron! "What are you going to do about Gaia?" REALLY Ron? The hell you thinkin'?
It's freakin' GAIA! You don't get more world-boss than THAT. SHE "does", and you just hope you can keep up.
This is eternal truth. I live in Tornado Alley, and we've had them in the back acreage at least 4 times. (The firty duckers just LOVE our topography.) Once, I was on the phone with my sister while she was washing dishes and looking out the window, when she said "Gotta go, a tornado just formed over the lake." It tore up the barn, and Dad finally buried a shelter in the yard. Oh, and the damn lake has risen and flooded the house 3 times over the last 40 years. Geez, Gaia, give it a REST?
7/2 c22 muffdyvr
men dont cry this much..
well, maybe sissies.
6/4 c36 Latarra
Still love the story and hope it gets resurrected one day. Thanks for writing and posting it.
4/14 c1 RWIW
Wish I could Favorite this again... Still an absolute classic.
4/13 c20 chaotix1
how could grindelwald be a ravenclaw? he never went to hogwarts.
4/12 c3 chaotix1
really? 2 chapters with the same shit in it? the hell kind of author are you that you can't remember what your previous chapter said?
4/9 c36 Lauriafern
So sad to see such an awesome story abandoned. I hope you come back to finish this one day.
3/9 c18 Bruh
JESUS CHRIST, Bumblewhore is absolutely disgusting tryna sexual assault Sirius; just kill him already will ya?!
2/27 c36 Guest
Too bad this will never be finished. It is a really good story. Love the idea of strong free elves. Oh well, it was good while it lasted.
2/7 c36 CatzBlsck
Wonderful story so exciting to read! Thanks for posting this.
2/5 c36 Danger1967
Couldn't stop reading this book. Absolute pleasure. Wish you had finished it
1/22 c36 3Heksy
NOOOOooooooo...where's the rest?
1/22 c32 Heksy
wow, I love learning more about elves. Thanks so much for this chappie
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