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for And I Kind of Like You Driving Me Crazy

3/22/2022 c11 GlmingWounds
Ughhhhhhh… this can’t be it?! You are one of my favorite GG fanfic authors and what am I going to do with the rest of this story when left to my own devices?! Here’s hoping you revisit your 2007 self one day. I will just re-read these on loop until then!
3/21/2022 c1 GlmingWounds
This part: “She took it as shock with a good peppering of awe and she savored the seconds like champagne and let them sit in her mouth, the bubbles and tingles rising to her palate before the burn of pleasure would caress her throat and sink into her bones like a prayer.” … maybe if you continued the champagne metaphor? “… sink into her bones like a permanent intoxication.”
4/21/2017 c11 AJ Granger
Not a bad chapter. I agree with Jess about acceptance being as good as graduating, and I'm glad he's trying to get Rory to at least talk about it with him. Still not liking Rory here.
4/21/2017 c9 AJ Granger
Don't care for Rory in this. She's crying and accusing him of leaving, and at this point, all he's done is leave after the accident when they weren't even dating. It sucks that Jess has to put up with her.

I like the letter from Jess's other school. It wouldn't surprise me if he had good grades, and Liz wasn't specific on what he did to be sent away. I like that he has the transcript and the application. Though arguably, Rory would be the one leaving if she goes to a school that isn't Yale.
4/21/2017 c5 AJ Granger
If this is after the Dance Marathon which was in late October/early November then Rory is already 18, and can sleep with Jess if she wants. I see Rory's thinking in manipulating the situation so that Jess actually graduates, but withholding sex to do so, doesn't reflect well on her. It also shouldn't be a unilateral decision without discussion first. Jess agreed because he loves her, and he's a good guy. He didn't push Rory when she set limits in the show, and hasn't here either. We never learn Jess's birthday, though arguably it's in the late spring or summer months since it's never mentioned. Since he and Rory are in the same grade, and he is smart, she is likely older than him (which the show didn't want to do at first). No one is 17 entering their junior year unless they failed or started school a year late. Rory with an October 8 birthday is one of the older students in her year, meaning Jess and others almost have to be younger.
10/23/2013 c11 1ashlieRKlove
Please please please finish this! I'm begging of you lol. I know it's been like 6 years now, but this story is absolutely amazing and has so much more potential to it. I'm dying to read Luke & Lorelai's reactions to the news! Please consider it if you have time, you're an amazing writer.
1/25/2013 c11 Scarlet3086
I'd like to say that I'm very sad this sin't finished. Be that as it may, I love what is here! Thanks for it, and if you decide to finish it then you'll definitely have one reader!
10/31/2008 c1 Chloe 3283
You write beautifully - the descriptions you give are stunning, just thought I'd tell you x
4/19/2008 c11 2Misty Addams
Oh bummer, is this abandoned? I actually stumbled across your first fic, and then saw that it had a sequel...I read them both through...I think you do an excellent job staying true to the show, better than any I've ever seen to be honest. So, I hope you end up continuing this fic...I hate when good fics get abandoned.
1/12/2008 c10 3weheartdumbledore224
12/4/2007 c11 1literatiwhore
this was awesome!
12/3/2007 c11 4music4mysoul
Aww, do you understand how much this made my day? Gosh, this is so heartwarming, I loved it!
12/3/2007 c11 14AllisonSwan
I'm glad Jess got in
10/30/2007 c10 JESSandRORYforever
i like how it's coming along but what college will she go to and what will happen to j/r and l/l? da da da
9/18/2007 c10 4music4mysoul
I really want those red vines right now^^

The chapter was great, lol Rory's and Jess's eggclock timing is supercute:D

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