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1/10/2006 c1 1Ruto Kuntai
Good start to a decent story, please add Tama-chan though, thanks.
1/10/2006 c1 4animeboy-12
1/10/2006 c1 104Ominae
This is kinda cool! Except Japan has the following special forces unit in the Ground Self-Defense Forces

S Unit (Counter-Terrorist duties), under Ranger Platoon

Western Army Infantry Regiment (Special forces duties)

1st Airborne Brigade (Paratroopers), under them is the "Guide Unit".

These units above would be recommended to take Okinawa in the case of your story, a rebellion in the Okinawan islands.

The SWAT that you're talking about here would be the Special Assault Team or SAT. Thing is, they're under civilian control and they would never be used to raid islands, commando style, since many Japanese would be reminded of WWII.

Hope this helps. E-mail me in case you have any questions regarding Japanese military SF units.

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