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for Muggle girl? Meets Harry Potter

1/23/2011 c4 2parchment faery17
5/27/2008 c4 kitsune
wow. this is gay. nice title...(ps that was sarcasm)
9/7/2006 c1 silver
omigod! i luv ths so much!1 plz keep going, you anus. Have you ever heard of 'canon'? Or 'dictionary'? Or even 'grammar'? It doesn't seem like it. I think my eyeballs shriveled up and fell out due to your atrocious *ahem* "writing". I am gagging as we speak.
3/24/2006 c1 Jordan
HI! your @ my house right now! lol your stories are soo cool. This story is the bomb. ((ur a spazz))
1/22/2006 c4 iceangel998
whoever has heard of a pink wand. generally wands are made out of wood. i've nv seen pink wood before. but w.e brooke keep updating great chappie
1/17/2006 c3 2Ooh a Jellybean
i don't like ur new penname i like ur old one. wats with this new one anyways kewl story keep updating
1/17/2006 c3 love and hate own time
love everything...update faster...make the chapters longer...please and thanx..:D
1/16/2006 c3 23Soccer Freak 101
i love this story! i love how Zack and Cody are in this! i love that show! please write more, i can't live until i read more (at least there is still air to breathe)
1/13/2006 c2 2Ooh a Jellybean
does this have anything to do with the suite life of zack and cody? cause they live in a hotel and one of them likes of of bri's friends and it sems fimiliar (cleo and I watched them while at my house, i don't really like the show) anyways great chappie, that was way to short though so u better make the nxt one extra long and btw i can always borrow an evenesance cd from merry so HA! u have nothing that will make me change my story
1/13/2006 c2 13Aibari

So, first she's a muggle, and then, four hours later, she's a witch, who recieved the Hogwarts letter a few months ago, but, strangely, we haven't heard of this before, and Bri - a muggleborn who has absoloutely *no* contact whatsoever with the wizarding world before recieving that letter - instantly recognizes the coulors in Harry's room as Gryffindor colours?

Add it to the pile that she's an american sixth year exchange student. Who's gonna fall for Harry (or, rather, Harry will fall for her amazing BOOTYFULNESS). And her best friend -you don't happen to have a friend who looks like Samantha, aye? - whom she picked up randomly in the streets of London or wherever it was she found her - just *happens* to be a witch as well.

I recommend a Mary Sue-test. If you don't know what a Mary Sue is, google it. (Just for the record, I've done it myself, as well. :S)
1/12/2006 c1 sydney
omg brooke u are my best friend!this story is awesome! thanks for lettin me be in it! luv ya!

1/10/2006 c1 1Scooby-Doo Meets Harry Potter
i thought she was a muggle.
1/10/2006 c1 iceangel998
that was one of ur more kewler storys(ies?) i really liked it, do u think its late i just finished my hw and my parents are watching TV(not like it matters but anyways...) o and big favor: do u have any ideas on how i should do chapie 5?

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