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7/19/2006 c1 Haley
-SOBS!- Then he collapsed, sliding to the floor hugging his knees. "I want my Shuichi back Touma...get him back for me please?" Yuki whispered more to himself than anyone else.

That made me want to cry! Poor Shu!
2/11/2006 c1 2cpd3
ah! shuichi as a cutter! Well, I see why. I mean, seriously, he is so abused. Yuki seemed kinda out of character though...not to much, but it was noticable. um, when you switch characters who are talking, you are supposed to return...just thought I'd mention that. good job all in all.
1/22/2006 c1 2DiddlySqwat
how delectably fluffy!

very nice.
1/22/2006 c1 1HeC-chan
well... I like it, don't get me wrong, it's just it seems kinda ooc. Shuishi always grins and bears it, it's just how he is, and Yuki never shows any affection really. Not where I am so far, at any rate. I think it's quite hard to get the exact personality though, so good job, I like the idea, I just think it might work better on different characters.

btw, this is not a flame, I like the story!

1/14/2006 c1 Fluffy Queen 3000
1/13/2006 c1 2XxTypoMasterxX
yay he is ok! that was good cuz it was sad but had a happy ending!
1/13/2006 c1 19Ivan the Bear
Aww,that was soo sweet and kawaii. Though what Shuichi did was bad. *sigh* at least it had a happy ending. Nice story.

Bai Bai,


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