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1/26 c46 Lacieph
True, this chapter is more serious than the first time.
I like how deep you're going into Draco's thoughts.
1/12 c46 Guest
Wonderful chapter as usual!
1/12 c46 Hello
I’m really enjoying reading your rewrite! I’ve been reading this series ever since before you first paused with them in the ghost town
1/12 c10 Georgette Weasley
Unfortunately this has 46 chapters and is completed so it won’t mean much BUT I do not think it is necessary that you replay a scene from Bill’s POV. I say switch the POV when necessary but instead of writing the full dialogue or sequence of events again, just summarize and put in the important bits. Honestly I skip and skim the retelling for the important parts. It’s tedious and unnecessary. Besides that...great story.
1/11 c46 brianaangel
Once again! An amazing chapter. Patiently waiting for more!
1/6 c45 Lacieph
It's working you... EVIL! How can you do that to us!?
I loved reading Bill's part! Percy's arriving, the Weasley interaction...aaaaaarrrggghhh I don't want the same future...Their rupture, Charlie's dea**. It was so Angst the first time...now it will be worst, my poor heart! I'm suffering right now :(

I'm really thinking you are doing an excellent job. Seriously, amazing :)

I think the transition of Draco trusting (or at least, feeling comfortable with) Hagrid it's more nature now. It's true that I liked it when Buckbeak appeared but I thought that he will have more scenes...
12/29/2020 c45 I love it
I really like the range of emotions and conflict explored here. Percy and Draco are my favorite characters
12/28/2020 c45 brianaangel
What an amazing Christmas gift. I love all your new changes to the story. I have never read a story that injected so much depth into their characters. Thanks again. Can't wait for more.
12/26/2020 c45 Cheepir
Merry Christmas! Thanks for the gift of this chapter!

I AM SO HAPPY TO SEE MORE PERCY! His bit in the fourth series makes me cry every time, Aduro!Percy is my favourite Percy in the entire fandom. Highlighting his meteoric rise to Assistant Minister is an absolutely genius move, it makes me feel for Percy even more than before (if that was even possible). His gifts were also so obviously thoughtful and perfect but I only felt dread about them. You're doing the angst perfectly. Can we please have more CharliePercy interactions, because of what comes later too? :')

Loved the Hagrid interactions (baby occamy!) in the previous chapter, and the Lukas reveal in this one made much more sense. My heart still hurt for Hagrid when Draco threatened him but I know Hagrid won't take it seriously!
12/25/2020 c45 DuchessOfSpud
I really liked the changes you made to this chapter. I particularly how finally admitting to someone what happened to his brother affected Draco. We really didn’t see much of that (or at least not as obviously) in the original and I thought it was a great touch this time around. I’m also really glad that we’re seeing more of the Weasley family relations this time around. I agree with you that seeing more of the process of it breaking apart will definitely affect our own feelings as we see it happening (especially now knowing how it ends up anyway), and I’m really glad that you decided to include it. As always, so happy to see another update and can’t wait until we see more!
12/5/2020 c31 Eretria Elessedil
Hi so i just reread your entire serie and i just realised that you were rewriting it. I’m so thrilled to see the changes you are going to make. I just wanted you to know that not only is your writing incredibly good and realistic but also that your characters are so incredibly interesting. I don’t think I can sum up in one message how big was the impact of your stories on me. I also just realised that you started publishing The Code when I was 4.
I can’t tell you how grateful i am that you decided to share your work with us.
Btw if you need help for translation I’m a french girl learning latin and ancient greek, so just send me a msg.
Ps I have a picture of Draco’s rules written with a french fountain pen in a leather bound notebook (I thought it fitted his aesthetic)
A really admirative reader
12/5/2020 c44 Lacieph
It's great read you again!

I like the changes, it's true what you said that they feel more fluid and real.

I love to read:
1- The Weasley's interaction
2- Bill's conformt to Harry

I think that you are doing a brilliant job.
Although it's a story that we know where it's going, it feels like a new one at the same time.

We know better the characters and their thoughts, actions and circumstances.

Thanks for not dropping this amazing fic.
12/4/2020 c44 5Shining Bright Eyes
So lovely to see this update, hope you're doing alright. I enjoyed the extra Ginny :)
12/2/2020 c43 1LilyMonster012
You wrote an original novel? That is amazing! I absolutely LOVE your fanfics and have re-read this series twice in the past few months. What is your book called so that I can read it immediately?
12/2/2020 c44 2Madame Mermaid
Good afternoon,
you just made my day - I saw the chapter alert in my e-mail, and had a reason to get up and start reading. :-) Since Germany's experiencing a second, lighter lockdown, and universities etc. have been closed since spring, I've been facing the usual problems - to stay alert and motivated while attending online classes is becoming more and more of a challenge, especially paired with winter blue, rainy days and social isolation. But since I am otherwise healthy and not at risk, I'll just try to be thankful for all these modern solutions and wake up before 9 a.m. to attend my law classes... (So, what I've actually been meaning to say is - I understand and agree that online classes are taxing, though perhaps for different reasons than you do. :-) I hope you are well, and healthy, and slowly getting into a Christmas spirit.)

On to the actual review: As I've said before, it's obvious that you've made a lot of progress as a writer since you first penned the Code, and that you've put a lot of thought into what you want to change, and why. All in all, I really enjoyed reading this chapter, watching the more fleshed-out, psychologically rounded versions of Draco, Bill, but also side characters such as the entire Weasley family and their dynamics (btw, I've been wondering - did you something related to psychology in your 1st degree? You often switch to psychological (meta)observation, so I wondered...).

Interestingly enough, the stuff I enjoyed is also something I want to question: I don't know if you've noticed, but while re-writing the story, you've developed a bit of a propensity for detailed background information, such as the wizarding names in this chapter. It's not a problem, since I like details, and for all that she's invented a magical world, Rowling didn't give us too many of those in the original books. But I think you should take care not to overdo it, so that the flow of storytelling is not interrupted or hindered too often by these tidbits. It's nice to have some of them (and I'm all for explaining why the Deceiver charm would mean something fun to Draco), but make sure they're really meaningful to the story, or at least add some humor. Otherwise, they're interesting, but detract from the story as a whole. :-)

The other aspect I've noticed is the psychological observation both Draco and Bill do. Again, it's well-written and, especially in Draco's case, understandable that they do this. Since your observations on the Weasely family are spot on, I also won't fault you for mentioning them. ;-) But it sometimes feels as if Bill, especially, steps too much outside his role as a son, sibling or simply a human being who reacts instinctively to what's happening around him. You've given some very good reasons for why he does it, and I really enjoy reading about it, but sometimes, it might be more realistic to have the direct, emotional response rather than the intelligent reflection. Or perhaps I just feel like that because, even after living on my own for 11 years and telling myself to stay calm and rational and adult when I travel home, both I and my sister still seem to revert to our teenage selves when we're home for Christmas at our parents' house, which is a real pity.

As I said, they're just tiny aspects, and you obviously don't need to listen to me, but in the spirit of constructive criticism, I wanted to give you something to think about. I really enjoyed reading this chapter, especially seeing Bill, Charlie and their parents interact, since it's interesting to observe those dynamics and watch you prepare for the books to come. If anything, I'd have liked to see a bit more of Ginny, but since she's not a main character at this point, I understand why you did not focus on her here. It's also charming and relatable to see Draco think about what to give Bill, and to revert to his father as the only role-model he's got, which goes a long way to show that for all his superior intellect, he's still a teenager trying to find his feet on the social parquet.

Thus, I've been doing what Germans call 'Klagen auf hohem Niveau', making luxury complaints. ;-) Hopefully, you'll have more time for writing in the months to come, but whenever you do post the next chapter, rest assured there will be people around to read it.
All the best, take care,

Madame Mermaid
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