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1/20/2006 c3 3the mystical voice from up above
hey its your favourite reviewer again, i loved the chappie update soon!
1/19/2006 c3 1I Love Nerds 919
Hay I lik eyour story and hope you update so soon!
1/18/2006 c3 6CoolMilena
Hez,I love the chapie and the plot!And I am anxious for the next chapie.But dont tell me that you are going to make Hermione/Draco together?I hope you are not...:-/

But no matter what,babe,I am gonna stick with zou through this fic..

Update soon
1/18/2006 c3 Cat in a box
Oh this is so cool! I absolutely love genius Draco, I've never seen it done before (have you? I'd like to read any similiar fics!)So I take it next chapter will be Bill noticing the whole way too many E's thing? Please please please write it soon!

1/18/2006 c3 1MerlinHalliwell
wow. great story. i love how draco's actually a genius and he's thinking all the time, but people don't even realise!

how will bill discover the truth. will he trick draco into accidently slipping. update soon :-)
1/18/2006 c3 ladyerudite
coolness! totally love prof. bill! draco has finally met his match! i wish my grad. studies profs. are as way cool as bill, then i wouldn't have any problems staying awake during lectures! anyways, great update - can't wait for the next chapter! yay, i've always wanted to join the debate club in my school, if only my oratory skills are fab - i digress! hehehe! :)) 'til next time!
1/18/2006 c3 9Lyra Skywalker
Oo! You so have to update this soon! I love this story so far..funny, I've always thought of Draco as a genius. I absolutely love the way he reacts to Bill. :) Love the fic and good job! :D
1/17/2006 c3 12Chicklepea
Hey. Since I loved your last story I had to start this one! Great job so far, I love Draco's mind in this. The hole genius thing is great. Please continue and update soon!
1/17/2006 c3 3beckysue2
This is really good, I finally got around to reading it. What ship is going to be in it, can I ask? I usually only read Draco/Ginny, but sometimes I make exceptions:P
1/16/2006 c2 6CoolMilena
Ha!Monkeys will get me?Thats funny!I love the story!Update soon,cant wait.
1/14/2006 c1 ladyerudite
wow, new story! coolness! :)

did i get it right - this story's focus will be more on draco and bill? (smiles apologetically) sorry if i'm seem quite slow-witted at the moment, blame graduate studies for that! (my brain cells are toast!) well, hope i'm right on bill, he's my fave older weasley sibling! :)

anyways, great opener - love draco's "secret"! wish that's my secret, too! (sigh)

i'm so excited to find out how this story will unfold! hope you'll update soon! ;)
1/14/2006 c1 CoolMilena
Hey,I like it!Update soon.I just thought of a crazy,but cute couple..Hermione/Bill? hihi..

Update soon!
1/13/2006 c1 2hart-break
ohh hotness, another story. yay. is it going to be d.g? lol. anyways i can't wait till the story gets going! pls update soon!
1/13/2006 c1 5Ms. Raye Sinic
this is really good! i'm very excited for the next chapter to come out. i really like Draco and Bill's characters. keep up the good work!
1/13/2006 c1 3the mystical voice from up above
i love it its great
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