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2/23/2006 c19 12valmontmerteuil
aww i love happy rhett and scarlett. but then you know trouble's on its way. hehe
2/23/2006 c19 none
"This would be a night they would never forget."

That can mean that it would be memorable whether it's happy or not. ...Any hints? [Like maybe an update? Hahaha.] - n.
2/23/2006 c19 33ColorOfAngels
this is a good tranistion chapter, I'm glad that they are working things out and I'm also glad that neither of them is completely submitting to the other, I think it is more in character for them...I cant wait to see what happens when she shows up no longer in morning and as always I'm looking forward to the introduction...I also am curious to see how Bertie takes all of this I mean I know he wants Scarlett to be happy but he also needs her for various reasons...update soon!
2/23/2006 c19 rish
great update. loved it!
2/22/2006 c18 12valmontmerteuil

it's all i'm thinking at the moment
2/22/2006 c1 valmontmerteuil
hmm.. i have to wonder if they would actually act like that toward each other. but even though i would be inclined to beleive they wouldn't... this is a fic after all haha. so i shall go read the next chapter now.
2/22/2006 c18 1gingerspice
Well I loved it so it was worth the three days trying to post it. I'm just going to wish that it doesn't take three more days for you to update. I would die if it took more. I check to see if you've updated at least three times a day! Update soon!

F.Y.I I don't really care either way on flash backs!
2/22/2006 c18 none
Hmm, I guess I AM a little too eager, lol. But can you blame me?

One thing that was going through my head as I was finishing this chapter was how will the people in the palace react when they "know the truth." - n.
2/21/2006 c18 1ScarlettHokie
Great as always! Added you on myspace ;-) I'm Brandy :)
2/21/2006 c18 Raicheal
What thats it!
2/21/2006 c18 33ColorOfAngels
YAY! Well I dont know why you dont like it, because I did...Im glad they talked it out (kinda) and that they are back together, I like how the journal brought them back together and that Scarlett was able to get past him reding it...I am still looking forward to the introduction of Bess to Rhett...So excellent job and update soon!
2/16/2006 c17 1CinemaGal77
hey awesome story - plz update soon =]
2/16/2006 c3 14Cornorama
Well here's a stickey thing that I would appreciate some advice on

I would like to enter this in the K through t rating unfortunatly the sex scene is what I think would keep it out. Do I clean it up and publish it in that catagory. I feel like a lot more people would get to enjoy it if it wasn't in mature

there's no foul language outside of bastard and a damn or two

these is no sex outside of that one scene well what should I do I feel the mature rating may turn people off without them even reading

That being said I will admit my time line in the story becomes a little shakey at times. I agree with anon in that. Bess is how old?

Well going by my original time frame Scarlett and Rhett have been apart about 16 to 18 months. She was about 2 months on arriving in paris. Was around 7 months when she met the prince and the baby is a little over nine months old by that reasoning. So 9 months

And this was not a short chapter lol It's actually one of the longer ones. Not one has been less that 4 pages, many have been more. It's just short when you are eager to see what happens next lol
2/15/2006 c17 33ColorOfAngels
Im so glad that you are showing more of the journal, its so interesting to see Scarletts point of view during these times and I think its important that Rhett sees it too...great chapter as always, an enjoyable read...
2/15/2006 c17 none
Nice chapter but you should organize-or maybe blend-it better. The constant temporal jumps cuts into the overall flow of the story.

How old is Bess at the "real" time? I want to read the last journal entry but I am also looking forward to the ones before it.

Chapter is a little short. I like how you ended it, but Scarlett sounded kind of desperate. But I'll allow her that because she has a right to be emotional. It would be interesting if her love for Rhett slipped and it borderline sometimes-but what Scarlett & Rhett fan would want that? - ny'rhTAK
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